Technical Stew

Technical Stew
By Scott da Geek
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This is a podcast that covers technology soup to nuts.
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Latest episodes
Sept. 29, 2007
Alternate energy sources, transparent LCDs, the Gateway One (iMac clone), security, and who knows what all.
Sept. 23, 2007
We missed the last one, so our apologies. This one will be about security, fuel cells,bad translations, lolCtulu, and who knows what!!
Sept. 8, 2007
Touched by the iPod, the wireless office, kick ass processors, the G-phone, and who knows what all.
Sept. 1, 2007
War tech, space tech, and who knows what else?
Aug. 11, 2007
Dr. Who, all things Fichey, the short attention span theater that is the internets, electric cars, and all other things tech.
Aug. 4, 2007
We'll talk about our new robot overlords, swiss army peripherals, and whatever else floats your boat.
July 28, 2007
We'll talk about all kinds of fun techie stuff!!
July 4, 2007
This is a preliminary episode. We're testing a variety of podcasting options.