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Freepreneur Channel
By Laurence Bealer
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Here to teach and empower others to earn at least 10k a month and break free of the corporate world.
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June 10, 2013
Hello hello hello this is Lawrence and I'm coming look episode one of the Sleeping Work by Chad's episode. Basically the purposes of this Podcast(?) is to left some of information maybe help you develop a mind set so that you can put yourself and the it also blinds that are keeping you pay for that ninety five dollars. Now what I just wanna bring out is it wasn't my intention to do a Podcast(?) it wasn't my intention to poke people. It is something that transition from Bon myself and now what with other people online people asking my advice where they should go what they should do and we're a little confused because there's no other information or rather call me back up. Give us the right information