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Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people forward spiritually. Using media and technology, Back to the Bible meets people at their own spiritual level and walks with them daily into a living, growing and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ by equipping and motivating them to engage Scripture daily. With every 25-minute study, you'll gain a better understanding of what the Bible says, what it means and how to apply it to everyday life.

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By SCF Teachings
By Pastor J. Mark Martin
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It's clear from reading God's Word that we as Christians are called to a high standard. We are called to be influencers in the public arena, but many there are looking for any reason at all to discredit the name of Christ. Ron Moore explores what it means to live a life above reproach and shows how we can persist in doing what's right in a culture that prefers to do what feels good.
The poet Thoreau wrote of a desperate soul going to the grave with an unsung song still in them. The Apostle Paul, at the end of his life, wrote with confident excitement, "I have fought the good fight." Ron Moore examines the question, how do we sing the song we're given? How do we live the life that God has granted upon salvation? How can we, like Paul, declare with confidence, "I have kept the faith"?
Jan. 15, 2018
What kind of influence do you have in your day-to-day life? Do people see a God-honoring Christian, or do you slip by unnoticed? Ron Moore shares four ways we can own our influence and show the world the power of Christ's love. Though difficult at times, the grace that carried us to the foot of the cross will continue to carry us to the gates of Heaven.
Jan. 12, 2018
When God works, normally He works through people--you and me. And when we're not using our gifts, we all suffer. Ron Moore explains several principles regarding giving and possessions that have been an important part of his life. Through these examples and the Scriptures they are based on, we'll find out how to truly get the most out of what we are given.
Jan. 11, 2018
Ron Moore continues his look at the principles of living a generous life found in the Bible. We'll be reminded that our giving can often inspire generous attitudes in others. Plus, we'll learn several practical ways to plan out our giving in a wise and godly way.
Jan. 10, 2018
Of all the blessings God gives to us, our financial resources are probably the most mismanaged. In this pointed discussion of wealth, Ron Moore encourages us to use our finances for God's glory instead of personal enjoyment. We'll be reminded that true security comes from God's hand, and not our bank account.
Jan. 9, 2018
In Luke 12 Jesus tells the parable of a rich man who experienced a bountiful harvest. Ron Moore examines this parable and the man's response to his newfound blessing. We'll learn that our possessions, while a gift from God, also carry a responsibility. And we'll see how to use God's blessing in a way that brings glory to Him and blessing to us.
Jan. 8, 2018
It's a sobering fact of life that our time on this earth is finite. Ron Moore examines Psalm 90 to help us see that every day we're given is a gift from God. We'll look more at this special gift and consider the ways God intends for us to use the time He has granted us.
Jan. 5, 2018
Deep down in the human heart is a desire to be connected with other people. A desire to find a place to develop relationships. As Ron Moore explains, that God-given place is the Church--the Body of Christ. We'll look at the Church God established and learn what it is this community can offer that no other can.
Jan. 4, 2018
If you put the wrong kind of fuel in your car, you won't get too far. And the Christian who draws from the wrong source of strength will soon become exhausted and vulnerable. Ron Moore takes us to the Gospels for a closer look at the Holy Spirit, the Helper promised by Jesus. As we understand the Holy Spirit's role in our lives, we'll discover an inexhaustible source for our service.