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Developers get together as often as possible and discuss topics about coding and all that comes with it. These topics range from what we are reading, latest news, and comments about other podcasts we have listened to.
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July 5, 2017 · transcript
News & Other Happenings Al (tool/app) [CGR] great command line starter library for PHP with a focus on testing, CI and code quality NK: How Can We Optimize AI for the Greatest Good, Instead of Profit? Al: PHPArchitect - June 2017 Protocol Buffers by Christopher Mancini NK: Laravel’s Dependency Injection Container in Depth Deep Dive Tech Radar Theme, microservice and machine learning Techniques Decoupling secret management from source code they did mention HashiCorp recently Legacy in a box I am always impressed when I have that experience on a site and realize how much it makes sense for most sites Progressive Web Applications Prototyping with InVision and Sketch even as a non designer this stuff can be important to get an idea across Conversationally aware API context aware API I was thinking about this the other day in Slack for getting a stack -- api around this Platform engineering product teams. but not a devops team Social code analysis enriches our understanding of the code quality by overlaying a developer's behavior with the structural analysis of the code We get this out of PHP and the social side that is interesting though CI Theater Sadly, many developers simply set up a CI server and falsely assume they are "doing CI" when in reality they miss out on all the benefits. Common failure modes include: running CI against a shared mainline but with infrequent commits, so integration isn't really continuous; running a build with poor test coverage; allowing the build to stay red for long periods; or running CI against feature branches which results in continuous isolation. The ensuing "CI theatre" might make people feel good, but would fail any credible CI certification test. Enterprise-wide integration test environments contract testing decoupling deployment from release focus on mean time to recovery testing in production. spec-based codegen not making code from these tools "Swagger/RAML" till the robots take over Tools Airflow [read more] is a tool to programmatically create, schedule and monitor data pipeline Cake and Fake more new and good tools coming out of MS but this time for .NET Serverless Framework man do I wish I had more time Amazon Rekognition Claudia Claudia makes it easy to deploy Node.js projects to AWS Lambda and API Gateway. It automates all the error-prone deployment and configuration tasks, and sets everything up the way JavaScript developers expect out of the box InSpec looks really interesting long term info about servers Molecule Ansilbe role testing!!!! Spaemacs could be interesting SpaCy NLP Processor Spinnaker Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Testinfra too much manual qa right now for me Testinfra aims to be a Serverspec equivalent in Python and is written as a plugin to the Pytest test engine. Yarn
June 1, 2017
News & Other Happenings Al (tool/app) Copied – Copy and Paste Everywhere by Kevin Chang Make sure to enable the keyboard NK: Intro Video to Pickle - a BDD layer on top of Dusk and PHPUnit Al: Github moving to GraphQL NK: IBM tells thousands of remote employees to come back to office or find new jobs Deep Dive Do not fear the Queue Queue usage The many levels it can benefit your workflow and how you solve problems Use Cases Parallel tasks Connect two different languages with json Split up services offload work - Microservice Allows you to work locally on a part of your App that later you can move off to a microservice or worker Prevent database sharing Sending Mail Importing Files Database buffer Long running jobs How to Implement Locally using Sync Driver Laracast Beanstalk SQS Iron Forge FortRabbit with CloudAMQP Homestead AWS SQS S3 for large payloads How to deploy Laravel Daemon pretty simple Database --simple start --local jobs vs remote Gotchas Retries SNS Format You gotta restart the queue Interesting how Laravel does it with timestamp Have wasted a day on this in the past Logs can will up if queue is erroring out Failed jobs Queue has limit 256 k limit Visibility timeout Links Beanstalk etc link to sns
May 4, 2017
News & Other Happenings Al (tool/app) Moom NK: Leaflet - an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps Al: Just a reminder that quotes are not to lock you in but to help decide if the work is even worth taking on NK: Design Patterns - A collection of design patterns in PHP translated from the book “Head First Design Patterns”. Deep Dive Testing When Why and How Kent Beck : “I get paid for code that works, not for tests” What kinds of tests are there? Units / Units Integration / Inside Acceptance / Outside Contract Tests How important is it that tests align with the business language and domain context? Do tests ever get in the way of writing code? Being proud of 100% test coverage is like being proud of reading every word in the newspaper. Some are more important than others. - Kent Beck What if it is a POC and should it have tests? Helping to think through the idea Testing later never works How to get started as a new to testing developer Contract Test Notes
March 16, 2017
News & Other Happenings UnitTest - Al Adam Watham link to Martin Fowler Vue.js Comparison with Other Frameworks - Nathan PHPStan - PHP Static Analysis Tool - Al Found in PHPArch Shipping Docker - Nathan Tool(s) Alfred Plugin to set a Do not Disturb Time Deep Dive The 4th of 4 as we cover ThoughtWork's Technology Radar - Languages and Frameworks
March 2, 2017
News & Other Happenings Al (tool/app) TextExpander/Auto Text Even Alfred Plugin Point is be more efficient including clipboard history into string etc and syncing NK: Laravel Dusk Browser Testing Al: The five stages of BDD (and Agile) Adoption "define more objective metrics, preferably independent of the process you are following" ReadOrListen version here NK: Single Action Controllers in Laravel Deep Dive TechRadar
Feb. 8, 2017
News & Other Happenings Al “Abstracting HTTP Clients in PHP By David Buchmann” Excerpt From: php[architect]. “php[architect] - December 2016.” iBooks. Yes I am still in December! NK: Use your eyes and Deep Learning to command your computer Al AWS re:Invent 2016: Life Without SSH: Immutable Infrastructure in Production (SAC318) NK: When Trump Tweets, This Bot Makes Money Deep Dive Discussion pattern Name the Section eg Adopt Name the item eg Pipeline as Code Quick summary if needed Round robin x minutes each TechRadar Tools (Section 2 of 4) Adopt babel consul grafana packer Trail apache kafka espresso fastlane galen hashicorp JSONassert Let's Encrypt Load Impact OWASP Dependency Check Pa11y ServerSpec Talisman Terroform tmate Webpack ziplin Asses androad x86 axios bottled water clojurel.spec FBSnatshotTestcase Grasp LambdaCD Pinpoint Pitest Repsheet Scikit-learn HOLD Jenkins as a deployment pipeline
Jan. 24, 2017
News & Other Happenings Al - PHPArch December 2016 Behat - Beyond Browser Testing Konstantin (Con-Stan-Teen) Kudryashov NK - Laravel Dusk is Coming Al - Shipping Docker all the videos Chris Fadao NK - The Only Skill You Should Be Concerned With Deep Dive Tech Radar We begin to talk about 1 of the 4 topics, Techniques, in these radar releases. Take some time to learn about these thought-provoking snippets of what is out there for us to consider in our day to day work flow and maybe what not to consider. Techniques, Tools, Platforms, Languages/Frameworks Link to PDF - though the website data has more details We will cover Techniques (Section 1 of 4)
Aug. 4, 2016
News & Other Happenings Machine Learning is Fun Three Horizons of Innovation Generate Migrations from Existing Database ServerLess Laravel 5.3 and Latest Readings Videos Jez Humble and David Nathan “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future” Deep Dive Slowing down to Speed Up
May 30, 2016
News & Other Happenings PHPArch May 2016 Mastering Oauth2 Ben Ramsey Vue.js 2.0 Event Sourcing - Martin Fowler PHP 7.1 Updates Microsoft Cognitive Services API Laravel API Document Generator Latest Readings Deep Dive Feature Flags Library Article Etsy and others
Feb. 11, 2016
News & Other Happenings PHPArch February 2016 Looking forward to the “Docker for PHP” by Ben Hosmer Preventing API Drift with Contract Tests Diving Into a Laravel Audit by Jesse Schutt Tired Of Waiting for NPM and Composer Why I Strive to be a 0.1x Engineer Benji Weber NK - ## Multiple Authentication Guard Drivers Deep Dive Stop Hiring DevOps Experts and Start Growing Them by Jez Humble
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