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Rob Wilson's Podcast
By Rob Wilson
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Rob is the Preaching Pastor at Christ's Church of Las Cruces
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Sept. 6, 2017
In the beginning - God. It's His story about His great love for you and what He is willing to do to get you back with Him.
Sept. 6, 2017
God begins to fulfill His promise of providing a Messiah by revealing Himself to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... and to begin building His nation that will bring forth Jesus.
Sept. 6, 2017
God allows Joseph to endure betrayal, hardships and rejection, but he becomes the savior of the known world. Sound familiar? No matter what Joseph goes through Scripture tells us that God was with him.
March 28, 2017
Mark 6:53-56 pointedly tells us that Jesus is our healer... and this message reveals that He not only can physically heal us, but Jesus heals our emotions, relationships, our spirit, our attitude and our thinking.
March 22, 2017
Feb. 23, 2017
People think they know who Jesus is and people think they know what the Gospel is... but maybe people have become so familiar with both that they really can't see either. In Mark 6:1-6 Jesus is rejected because His hometown thinks they know Him... but they don't.... and the same thing is still happening today.
Feb. 22, 2017
Feb. 22, 2017
We can put our trust in Jesus; He will never disappoint. In Mark 5:21-43 Jesus heals (raises) two polar opposites (a somebody and a nobody) and then heals one indirectly and one directly. We all fit somewhere in-between these extremes which gives us hope.
Feb. 3, 2017
In Mark 4, Jesus is fast asleep in a boat when a storm nearly kills everyone on board. We all have storms in our lives that try to take us out... how are we to handle them without drowning?
Jan. 12, 2017
Jesus shares in Mark 4:1-20 the need to examine one's heart. An unexamined life can lead to a hard heart, a shallow heart or a weedy life... and the consequences of them.