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ServoyCast, the podcast for the Servoy community, hosted by Ken Levy (
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Jan. 11, 2012 · transcript
Robert Ivens joins ServoyCast host Ken Levy discussing which he created, his history with working with Servoy and the community, upcoming Servoy conferences, and a summary of the recent ServoyCamp event. Robert can be found at and @ROCLASI. Duration: 55:06
Nov. 11, 2011
Patrick Talbot joins ServoyCast host Ken Levy discussing his path to using Servoy, his contributions to, creating extensions for Servoy including JavaBeans and plugins, and participating as an active member in the Servoy developer community. Patrick can be found at Duration: 01:13:04
Sept. 28, 2011
Scott Butler of Servoy University (aka ServoyU) joins ServoyCast host Ken Levy to discuss in depth the various offerings at ServoyU including what’s new for Servoy 6, various new pricing models, what he and Bob Cusick are working on for ServoyU, and some information behind the website which is powered by Servoy. Duration: 42:24
Aug. 12, 2011
Paul Bakker, product manager at Servoy, joins ServoyCast host Ken Levy to talk in depth about the recent release of Servoy 6. Paul discusses Servoy’s design goals for version 6, a summary of the new feature highlights, upgrading from 5.x, and the roadmap for upcoming versions of 6.x and beyond. Servoy Wiki documentation: Duration: 01:01:49
July 20, 2011
Bob Cusick of Servoy joins ServoyCast host Ken Levy to dive into the benefits of Servoy over other platforms, his past employment at Servoy, passion for the Servoy product, and some history of 10 year evolution of Servoy to the new version 6. Bob Cusick:, Ken Levy: Duration: 01:17:30
May 18, 2011
Peter Chapman of Servoy joins ServoyCast host Ken Levy to discuss the details, scenarios, and benefits of the recent IBM partnership with Servoy. In early 2011, IBM selected Servoy as a partner for their SaaS/Cloud Development Platform. Peter discusses how IBM has become a business partner to Servoy for solutions on mobile applications and cloud computing, and how Servoy offers special functionality for deploying Servoy applications in IBM's cloud hosting services. Duration: 32:51
May 18, 2011
Michael Sedita of MSHealth Software in New Jersey discusses his experience in successfully moving from Visual FoxPro to Servoy for their application for social services and behavioral healthcare facilities. Michael talks about how Servoy, even with the runtime licensing costs, saved MSHealth money and has increased their overall profits including the ability to offer subscription based services and optional cloud based hosting. Duration: 45:06
March 3, 2011
Jeroen de Vries of discusses his experience in successfully moving from Visual FoxPro to Servoy for an ERP application for the fashion industry, with the VFP app running side-by-side of the during development with Servoy. Jeroen talks about how Servoy can be considered like an evolution of VFP, experiences of a VFP developer learning and using Servoy, and how the Servoy community includes many of the same passion as the FoxPro community. Duration: 38:26
March 2, 2011
David Simpson of discusses the FmPro Migrator product and how the product and services combined offer conversion of forms, data, and much more to Servoy from various development platforms such as FileMaker, Access, and Visual FoxPro. Duration: 41:33
March 1, 2011
Scott Butler ( of and discusses his 7+ year history working with Servoy, consulting, ServoyU, Servoy 6 alpha, ServoyWorld, plus web and mobile development with Servoy. Duration: 29:52
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