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Join Financial Post technology reporters Matt Hartley and Jameson Berkow every week as they break down the latest tech news from across Canada and around the world and bring you exclusive interviews with the people behind the scenes who are changing our world every day.
37 episodes · since Jan, 2011
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April 4, 2012
FP Tech Desk editor Matt Hartley travels to San Francisco to interview Craig Derrick, lead producer for LucasArts, about the new Kinect Star Wars game.
March 21, 2012
FP Tech Desk editor Matt Hartley speaks with Reddit general manager Erik Martin about the secret sauce that goes into one of the most popular social news sites on the Web.
Nov. 24, 2011
This week on the podcast, FP Tech Desk editor Matt Hartley interviews Iain Klugman, chief executive of Communitech, a startup incubator based in Waterloo, Ont.
Nov. 9, 2011
Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, Craig Mundie, talks with Matt Hartley about the future of natural user interface and the software giant’s approach to research and development.
Oct. 26, 2011
Imagine waking up one morning to discover your website has disappeared from Google’s search results, invisible even when searching directly for your company’s name. For Dr. Marc Pinter-Krainer, founder of U.K-based news aggregator One News Page, he didn’t have to imagine. His website vanished from Google one morning, only to resurface nine months later. After losing millions of dollars from lost traffic, the British entrepreneur never got an explanation for the penalty. He spoke with Financial Post technology reporter Jameson Berkow about his company’s ‘Have I Been Penalized’ public awareness campaign.  
Aug. 31, 2011
This week, we chat with Sarah Rotman Epps, senior consumer product analyst with Forrester Research Inc., about just how big the tablet market will get and how other tablet makers are attempting to topple Apple Inc. with its market dominating iPad. We also speak with Dave Evans, chief futurist at Cisco Systems Inc., on the “perfect storm” he envisions brewing for the coming tablet-filled world and what that will mean for society.  
Aug. 24, 2011
This week on the podcast, we discuss Facebook’s privacy changes, Cisco Canada president Nitin Kawale explains his company’s new partnership with the province of Ontario and Daniel Kaszor drops by for a chat about this season’s hottest video games.  
Aug. 17, 2011
This week on the podcast, we talk to Kevin Restivo of IDC about the Google-Motorola deal. We also talk to David Watson about the City of Calgary’s new search-based Website, and Debbie Landa about the Grow Conference in Vancouver.  
Aug. 10, 2011
This week on the podcast, we discuss the role RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger played in the London Riots with Queen’s University surveillance studies professor David Murakami Wood, and CIPPIC staff lawyer Tamir Israel discusses the problems with Canada’s coming lawful access legislation.  
July 27, 2011
This week on the podcast, we speak with Communitech’s Avvey Peters about how the recent layoffs at RIM are affecting the Waterloo technology community. We also speak with Jen Evans of Sequentia Environics about her company’s new deal with Reddit and Sprouter founder Sarah Prevette about moving on.  
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