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0B- Retrospective – Podcast monetization interview

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During my hiatus, I wish to present this bit of evergreen information about podcast monetization (from 2014), which provides an interview of Fred Castaneda, and which is conducted by Doug Foresta of the Coachzing Show (although Doug himself is on hiatus at present). Here are the show notes from the interview that was previously conducted by Doug Foresta: The CoachZing Show is a podcast series, available on iTunes(R) and other directories, which delivers interviews with entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, authors and speakers — to discover tips and techniques for effective content creation and marketing. It is available on iTunes and other directories, and it is a free podcast show. Doug Foresta is the interviewer and host of this podcast show. In this episode, we have a repurposed interview — as it is originally published by The reason why we deliver it in entirety and unedited as the final mp3 file published by CoachZing is that the person being interviewed is Fred Castaneda, who is also the host of The Struggling Entrepreneur podcast and the Podcast Reporter podcast (just 2 of the current active 8 shows). As you will hear in this audio episode, Doug discusses the potential mistakes of content creators in the world of New Media and podcasting. He also discovers some of the strategies for entrepreneurs to make podcasting a successful tool as part of their marketing. They can do this by generating revenue streams by adding podcasting to their marketing. We thank Doug for his interview and we know it will provide value to the aspiring entrepreneurs who deal with content creation. Select this link to listen to the audio episode in a separate window. Copyright (c) 2014, Doug Foresta and and Fred Castaneda of and All rights reserved. The post 0B- Retrospective – Podcast monetization interview appeared first on Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts.
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