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"lemme tell ya, this is great and well done" - Ray Wylie Hubbard /// Cocaine & Rhinestones is a podcast about the history of country music but it's so much more than that. Even if your only frame of reference for country music is Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt," you owe it to yourself to check this out. Read the reviews. If you're a fan of real country music, just look at the artists covered in the first few episodes. You already know this is your new obsession. No other podcast is telling these stories. Press play.
United States
15 episodes
since Oct, 2017


BONUS: Cocaine & Rhinestones Season 1 Q&A

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As promised, here is the bonus Q&A Episode for Season 1. You might think, "How could anyone finish a season of a podcast like Cocaine & Rhinestones and have questions? That guy saturates every episode with details like he's getting paid by the fact." There's always more to know. Just remember, don't ask a question if you don't want the answer. From the FAQs down to the minutiae of, well, whatever anyone wanted to know, it's all here. Like, how does one even go about making a podcast on such a huge subject as the history of country music? Whose "fault" is pop country, really? Is this Merle Haggard song communist? Is that Merle Haggard song racist? There had to be more men banned from country radio, right? One at a time, people. One at a time... Who's ready to learn some stuff? Let's do it. Source
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