Lost Exploration Podcast

Lost Exploration Podcast
By Luke Brown
About this podcast
The Lost Exploration Podcast (WLER Radio) is a Podcast about the hit TV show Lost, presented by Luke & Jordan - 2 friends obsessed about the show! Every 2 weeks when Lost is on air a new show is released exploring the mythology and plot of the show. You can expect theories, spoilers, speculation, and anything and everything else related to Lost!
Latest episodes
Feb. 22, 2008
Luke & Jordan discuss in depth episodes 1, 2 and 3 of the brand new season of Lost! A few awsome theories from theBlackRock.org too. Download & Enjoy Podshow PDN {podshow-a425d0b4eda1883ebee0f30fd8b460ba}
Jan. 31, 2008
In this spoiler packed episode we join Aly from Fatecast: A Jater’s Voice for our pre-season 4 podcast! Download & Enjoy! (No background music this time, sorry folks!)
Jan. 12, 2008
You can now leave an online voicemail message to be played in the Podcast (or not if you don’t want). Alternatively you could call 1-267-267-1408 and leave a message there.
Jan. 12, 2008
Hey listeners, if you have arrived here via iTunes, this is just the blog, where you can download shows and read any updates! Please visit http://www.lostexploration.com for the full Lost Exploration Podcast site, with forums, and a place to listen to the shows.
Jan. 1, 2008
Luke gives a brief update on the new Lost ARG. Download & Enjoy
Dec. 23, 2007
Don’t worry about this, just sorting out some directory listings! My Odeo Channel (odeo/529f0979c4599d40)
Dec. 20, 2007
In this christmas edition of the podcast, Luke & Jordan discuss the recent trailers and mobisodes, as well as their trip to the London Film & Comic Con. This Podcast contains spoilers! Enjoy the show! Download
May 22, 2007
In this podcast we discuss and theorize about only one episode, 21 Greatest Hits.  Jordan and I wonder why the losties hadn’t vistited the transmission tower before, and I become puzzled at how water was able to stay out of the ‘Looking Glass’! Enjoy the show! Download
May 16, 2007
Here is the latest show, where Jordan and I discuss a few things about the location of 815, as well as some points like why is Richard no older looking? This podcast will contain spoilers! Enjoy the show! Download (64kbps) 
May 2, 2007
In this long overdue episode, Jordan and I discuss and theorize about 4 episodes: Left Behind, One of Us, Catch 22 & D.O.C This podcast contains spoilers! Enjoy the show! Download