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April 12, 2016
On this weeks Tech Enthusicast Tesla model 3 Model S GT league Self driving racing cars Space X landing on barge Self driving everything Xbox's are now dev kits Facebook images for the blind Image recognition Twitter manual alt tags Twitter NFL How does that work Amazon Echo strength to strength On Hub Sonos P9 mobile phone + and all the other Android phones General phone chatter hiking poles going above and beyond Android pay coming to the UK
March 16, 2016
sony Concept N headphones directional headphones audio tours etc alphago machine learning intuition Pi Day Raspberry Pi hard drive xbox cross platform play Microsoft apps across devices rooting for Microsoft Diablo II patch Retro gaming Gaming communities calico chameleon LG smartphone with DAB ant size micro robots pull a full size vehicle Ghostbusters trap update on audio recorders and mortuary technicians Titanium everything Rookie battery error
March 9, 2016
new phones, do we care Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge harmony 350 Sonos Simon is an audiophile Buying Records Casettes Long Play and short play on casettes digital audio recorders spy equiptment Raspberry Pi 3 Internet oF Things iPad pro Pebble Fail Smartwatches Apple Watch Wireless charging Burger Update!!!! IBM Nicole Robot
Nov. 20, 2015
Kickstarter failures Drones Indiegogo Czur book scanner Body fat analyser Google streaming apps to android Reliance on data 5G and connectivity Walmart smart phone for under $10 Pros and cons of iOS and Android YouTube kids channel Xiaomi fitness tracker for $15 Misfit bought by fossil Tag heur dropped McLaren Tag heur smart device Best cheap fitness trackers Misfit link Misfit shine Garmin vivofit Old school watch stories Minamlist wallet Fitbit Fuelband Garmin wrist mounted GPS Apple Watch
Oct. 29, 2015
Tech Enthusicast debut's it's spooky Halloween Intro music The freedom pop sim card in Simon's new Nexus 6P 6P thoughts Fingerprint scanner comparison with Iphone 6S Plus Android Accessibility One Plus X announcement Ceramic phones?!? Science!!!! Whats more conductive, metal or ceramic???? Memory lane Dumb Phones Nokia NGAGE the huge phone, small by today's standards texting on old phones, t9 predictive Side Talking!!!!! Bottom Listening???? Not as catchy NGAGE games guessing Sega used to make consoles what what???!?!?!? Facebook Assisstant, M Facebook Here Facebook login, how much does Facebook know about you? Workflow for iOS Candy Crush invite notifications Facebook phone, remember that? Myspace transition to Facebook Facebook targeted advertising Dumb tech story of the week: Drone shootings legitimised Simon's favourite tech story of the week: Apple TV release New Intro/ Outro music Have a happy halloween, enjoy our side talking and bottom listening pics
Oct. 26, 2015
Beat boxing with Reeps One and Sophie Scott, Daniel McDuff emotion detection system, improving education through personalised and customised curriculums with Geekie, 3D printing to create materials that had never existed bio printing to create human tissue used coffee beans as fuel Pussy riot AI to develop drugs that are targeted Noma fermenting food, free samples crazy architects, floating down the river, buildings that fall apart cricket flour chocolate cake, cricket protein bars VR testing, occulus downhill mountain biking simulator, Playstation VR Give Vision, vision for the visually impaired Williams Formula E BBC Micro Ember, can keep your coffee warm for four hours
Oct. 26, 2015
Simon and Neil talk about day 1 of Wired 2015
Oct. 1, 2015
In this weeks episode Simon and Neil talk, Nexus 5X and 6P mobile phones, Simon's folly with pre orders, Price disparity on the Nexus phones in UK, Neil's first impressions of the OnePlus 2, Uses for NFC, iPhone 6s sales numbers, Tesla X and Elon Musk's lack of range anxiety, Autonomous cars, political hurdles to autonomous cars, POLITICS (shouldn't talk about it), High speed transport, Concord coming back for the riches, Thunderbirds are GO, Bad maths and time zones, Free Netflix on Virgin America, Wifi assist on by default?!? Amazon Fire 7" tablet arrived, Micro pigs, multiple Bubbles and, Amazon to start blocking sales of Apple TV and Chromecast. Apologies for Neil being so quiet he's coming down with man flu
Sept. 23, 2015
Simon and Neil can talk about mobile phones again, so they do. This weeks Tech Enthusicast features: Iphone 6s & 6s plus,, problems with iOS9 install, Adblocking in iOS9, Targeted Advertising, What was your first podcast?, Food, (specifically chocolate bars), Freedom Pop, HBO's streaming revenue, Pre order of Amazon Fire 7" tablet, Blu Ray moneybox, Voiceover of movies and tv shows, Tesco's self service tills voice change, Video game nostalgia, What gaming platform did you get the most fun out of?, One Plus 2 arrived, and Google announcement possibilities