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Unique Technology interviews about Apple Computer and it's users. Sam Downie brings 16 years of being a Apple User and 6 years of radio work to the Mac world. If you've heard him before you know what to expect... interviews, commentary, celebrity guests. If you haven't heard him, then welcome to Sam's look at all things Apple and Apple related news. Reporting from the UK, the USA and around the world. - Give it a listen!
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Jan. 16, 2008
listen to Adam Jackson and me Sam Downie rambling on from the 1st two days from Macworld 2008. This is a and Tech:Casts co-production! more info and to watch us LIVE visit:
Dec. 17, 2007
Listen to the 1st Timers Guide to Macworld Conference & Expo 2008, written by Adam Jackson, editor of online daily technology website: Find out all about this years Macworld 2008 Conference taking place in San Francisco, USA in January 2008. More podcasts from Macworld 2008, will be online in 3 weeks time! stay tuned to Sam Downie's Tech:Casts. For further info on Sam Downie, visit online at: Thanks!
March 5, 2007
More from Sounds-Expo 2007 This podcast is over 40 minutes and it features the whole seminar from the Sound On Sound Seminar stage, featuring 3 popular world class music producers, who are: Mike Howlett (OMD, Gang of Four, Gong) Marshall Jefferson (Phuture, Ce Ce Rogers,Ten City) Steve Levine (Culture Club, Beach Boys, 6 day riot) This is a seminar that's not to be missed! Thanks to Sound On Sound Magazine, for letting us broadcast this seminar. ---- Reported by: Sam Downie For: From: Sounds-Expo 2007, Olympia 2, London Sounds-Expo 2007 Website: Date: March 2007
March 5, 2007
Once in a Blue Moon an invention comes along which seems to turn conventional wisdom upside-down and kick it around a bit for good measure. But I think it's fair to say that most bright new ideas never see the light of day But at Sounds-Expo 2007 I spotted a experimental musical instrument project from Yamaha called the Tenori-on, a device with involving lights and buttons, but the fact it is going into production is still pretty impressive. Its a device thats the brainchild of media artist Toshio Iwai, it consists of a hand-held square panel with a matrix of LED switches. Working with both sound and light, making music becomes a rather more intuitive and immediate interaction between player and instrument - a refreshing counter to the increasing complexity of many modern music tools. But what's it actually like? Well, I interviewed Peter Peck of Yamaha UK who was clutching the only example currently in the whole of Europe, who told us all about it! The Tenori-On should be shipping later this year, but if you want to find out more about it, there's plenty more info on the web - Yamaha have a site, and Toshio Iwai has a blog:- ---- Reported by: Sam Downie For: From: Sounds-Expo 2007, Olympia 2, London Sounds-Expo Website: Date: March 2007 Sam Downie info:
Nov. 6, 2006
Sam Downie at Mac-Expo 06, on MacFormat this week. Hear my reports from the Mac-Expo 2006, on the MacFormat this week podcasts! - archived here. For more info, visit: For more info on MacFormat this week, go to: Thanks to ClickCast and Brad Gibson.
Sept. 15, 2006
Watch my video I made, while I was working at the AppleExpo 2004, in Paris. I was working on the Apple booth as a Solution Expert in both Pro and Consumer applications! come see what I looked like in my Apple staff tee-shirt! (many thanks to the team at Apple Europe!)
Aug. 24, 2006
Rene Auberjonois - Interview with TV, Film and Television actor, painter, artist and Mac geek... Rene Auberjonois, from Boston Legal (CBS) and Star Trek DS9 (Paramount).
Aug. 24, 2006
Devils Bluff, the movie. Hear direct from the film's producers about this horror film in the making!
June 20, 2006
Grand Opening report from the 1st UK Apple Store. November 2004.
June 20, 2006
MacBoy at Macworld 2005 on IMR
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