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Tommy, Antony and Norman set out on a weekly drunken adventure full of music from the best Toronto bands you may not know!
Best accompanied with alcohol.
48 episodes · since Oct, 2015
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May 30, 2017
A great episode involving a "Lemon on Lemon" Tommy's taster, Power Struggle...the game where everybody wins, sort of and a Real Talk segment about Farts and why they are funny! We also read top 10 trending Shower Thoughts that we can't rename because we aren't that creative.  All this is supported by the best soundtrack Washington has to offer:  Remember to support musical artists around the world and have a great fucking week eh! Tracklist and links down below:  The Rememberables "If You Should" Off their self-titled EP You can download it at rememberables.bandcamp.com   Mittenfields "Goldmine" It's off the album Optimists You can download it at mittenfields.bandcamp.com   Big Hush "Honey" Off the EP Wholes You can download it at bighush.bandcamp.com   Venn "Maybe I'm a Liar" Off their Venn EP You can download it at venn-dc.bandcamp.com
April 27, 2017
A brand new episode this week starring Return For Refund! Okay, maybe just the music, not the band, but you can listen to Tommy, Norm and Ant play another hilarious round of Power Struggle and get your Real Talk on when we dive into something we can't quite explain (mostly because they forgot while writing this review and are currently working on another episode while this is being written DERP!)  So strap in, Strap On and West Texas Strap Match yourself into this weeks low brow, shitty world of Drunk With Power!
April 5, 2017
This week we are back from our Canadian Tour with some flavourful jams from Toronto. Tommy's parents are moving outta the big city so the boys get hammered and reminisce about moving away from home... and maybe just maybe they miss living at home... but you'll have to listen to find out. This weeks music: The Nursery "She's the Wave" Off the Digital Ashes - EP You can download it at thenursery.bandcamp.com Jim Dan Dee "The Silence" It's a single You can download it at jimdandee.bandcamp.com That track was produced by Jeff Martin of The Tea Party. RUM FIT MOSEY "My Gears are Broke" Off his debut EP Singles & Filters You can download it at rumfitmosey.bandcamp.com He is playing at The Horseshoe Tavern on April 13th with Young Doctors In Love. Beams "Running Up That Hill" It's a single and a Kate Bush cover You can download it at beamsbeams.bandcamp.com Beams will be playing BrokeBack and Fresh Snow at The Garrison on May 5th.   The Nursery Existential sing songs, candy & gloom. Press inquires in CA/USA: (Genevieve) [email protected] thenursery.bandcamp.com
March 14, 2017
Your bi-weekly brewfest has returned with great music and stacked discussion on the wonders of dating apps!  We dive into a game of Power Sruggle as always, will Ant finally win this week?  Te world of dating has gone digital for quite sometime and Antony reports on his preferences between Bumble and Tinder! Plenty of laughs to be had and tunes to enjoy this week on Drunk with Power.    Soundtrack:  The Mouthbreathers "Bender" Off the album Appetite for Deconstruction You can download it atthemouthbreathers.bandcamp.com   Heat Vision "See Through You" Off the Old Bones Tape You can download it atheatvisionband.bandcamp.com   Jacuzzi Perth "Electric Guitar" Off the EP Do You Need A Buddy? You can download it at stayintouchrecords.bandcamp.com   The Golf War "I'm Scared (Too Fuck)" Off The Golf War EP You can download it at golfwar.bandcamp.com
Jan. 31, 2017
It's 2017 and Drunk With Power is back and ready for the bi-weekly explosion of music, laughs and a whole lot of nonsense! Join us this year on no drink January (which lasted for one day in January)!  Play Power Struggle for the first time with us if you dare...and if you can play drinking games like a boss! Have your self a wonderful Tuesday you handsome/beautiful bastards! All of the selected music is from Manitoba and ready for the listening.  The Human Creatures "Live Fast" Off their EP Louder Than Airplanes You can download it at thehumancreatures.bandcamp.com Bullrider "Dream Life" Off their self-titled EP You can download it at bullriderband.bandcamp.com White Rhino "Hip-Hop Ain't Dead ft. Feller" Off the Canadian Fire Mixtape You can download it at whiterhino204.bandcamp.com Penalty "Precipice" Off the EP Winnipeg Hardcore You can download it at penalty204.bandcamp.com
Dec. 13, 2016
Winter has hit and what better way to except the cold harsh tones of Toronto's bitter months then with a few great tunes and a pill bottle full of laughs?  Grab your loved ones, sit around the fire and listen to this weeks episode of Drunk With Power!  We dive into depression and what gets us all through the winter blues...and the soundtrack will certainly help, provided by Forty Seven Teeth!  Links down below! Enjoy, we love you! They kicked mad ass!!!! Forty Seven Teeth "Payphone" "All The Feelings" "Just A Little" "Coldest Winter Night" Off the self-titled debut EP You can download it at fortyseventeeth.bandcamp.com
Dec. 2, 2016
This week on Drunk with Power we travel to the Yukon to spin some northern Canadian gold!  Power Struggle makes us question our love for Scott Stapp and Tommy's Tasters is all about bland cake and overpriced beer! Tune in and enjoy! Major Funk & The Employment "Bare Bones" Off the live album Hot Off The Floor You can download it at majorfunkandtheemployment.bandcamp.com Jesse Smith "Closer" It's a single You can download it at jessesmith.bandcamp.com Old Cabin "I Got You" Off their EP SATURN RETURNS You can download it at oldcabin.bandcamp.com Bushwhacker "Dead Man's Waltz" Off their album The False Dilemma You can download it at bushwhackeryukon.bandcamp.com
Nov. 25, 2016
A short recap of WWE Survivor Series? Power Struggle with all questions of the icy cold variety? A hip Hop Soundtrack all the way from Alberta? What the hell were they thinking?  We were thinking its another episode of Drunk With Power!  So to all you fantastic listeners, here is this weeks episode.  ...And here is your playlist, ready for the downloading! All hip hop tracks from Alberta: Dragon Fli Empire "Hi-Fi" Off their Intermission EP You can download it at dragonfliempire.bandcamp.com Touch and Nato "Thank-You" Off Intelligent Design Promo EP You can download it at nato.bandcamp.com Freak Motif "Killin' Me" Off their Killin' Me 7" single You can download it at freakmotif.bandcamp.com Voddica "Mario on Cocaine" Off their EP Famished for Fame You can check it out at https://m.soundcloud.com/anthony-mcrae-5/mario-on-cocaine
Nov. 18, 2016
DWP Presents the pre Survivor Series podcast! All three of us decided that this weekend we would get back to our childhood roots and go to an extravaganza of oil and steroids, that's right, we are going to see Survivor Series at the Air Canada Center this Sunday.  What better way to celebrate than a Power Struggle loaded with wrestling questions?  And officially created for tis episode is the Survivor Series dice game, for shots vs four shots in an epic roll to a finish elimination bout! And all this seriously good music from Vancity Vancouver to kick off the Cross Canada music tour ! All this and more on Drunk With Power : Survivor Series addition! Hawking "Books on Tape" Off there debut HAWKING EP You can download it at hawkingofficial.bandcamp.com Unfun "Disposable Friends" Off there EP Pain Prescription You can download it at unfun.bandcamp.com Neck of the Woods "Torch" Off there self-titled debut EP You can download it at neckofthewoods.bandcamp.com Quit the City "Burn" Off there self-titled EP You can download it at quitthecity.bandcamp.com
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