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We're just a small collection of gamers that want to discuss our views on the current state of affairs in the gaming world. We talk current-gen, retro, vintage, and even about the Internet!
Hosted by Chad and Kaylor.
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Dec. 26, 2013 · transcript
Join us this week as we take a look at the VGX and mock them, discuss why GTA 5 didn’t deserve GOTY and talk about the new Telltale Games projects. DOWNLOAD
Dec. 26, 2013
No audio available for this episode
Welcome back to the Digital Motion Gaming podcast! In this episode we get to know our two new hosts a little bit and get back into the swing of things with stuff like Killer Instinct and some impressions on the new consoles. DOWNLOAD
Aug. 30, 2013
It’s finally here. EPISODE 10!! We wanted to do a live stream for this episode, but things didn’t go according to plan. That doesn’t make this episode any less better though. We’re here this week to talk about Animal Crossing survival, our personal financial situations, XBox One and PS4 being right around the corner, grading video games, our favorite pizza chains, and a lengthy discussion of Breaking Bad. What will happen next?! DOWNLOAD
Aug. 15, 2013
digitalmotiongamingepisode: What did we all think about the newest episode of Breaking Bad? It was AWESOME! We also talk about our predictions for the end of the series, Microsoft taking more things back about the Xbox One, Nintendo being the college dude of the console race, Kaylor’s Convention experience, modding consoles, the ethics of torrents, and much more!!DOWNLOAD (Right-Click and “Save As”)
Aug. 8, 2013
digitalmotiongamingepisode: In this week’s exciting adventure of podcasting, we talk about the recently released Tales of Xillia, a little touch of Breaking Bad, Nintendo’s 3DS region-locking, back to school supplies, liquidating our game collections, GameStop stores selling download codes, and much more only on your Digital Motion Gaming Network.DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (Right-Click and ‘Save As’)
July 24, 2013
digitalmotiongamingepisode: Kaylor is the one hosting this episode with special guests Mike, Drew, and Joe. In this episode we discuss more about trophies and achievements, Tiger handhelds, the underestimation of the Sega Genesis, Magic the Gathering, and much more only on Digital Motion Gaming, the Podcast!DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (Right-click and ‘Save As’)
July 24, 2013
digitalmotiongamingepisode: In this episode we discuss that Andrew finally beat Red Dead Redemption, flea markets, self-contained sequels, the obsession with trophies and achievements, and we even answered a couple of viewer questions. All of this and more on Digital Motion Gaming, the Podcast.DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (Right-Click and ‘Save As’)
July 16, 2013
digitalmotiongamingepisode: In this episode we are joined by special guest Mike as we talk about collecting Pokemon games and video game figurines, the N64 and it’s abysmal control schemes, Magic the Gathering, the CDI, and much more.DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (Right-Click and ‘Save As’)
July 10, 2013
digitalmotiongamingepisode: In this episode we discuss the newly released Animal Crossing New Leaf, thrift stores, buyer’s remorse, MAME cabinets, being picky on video resolutions, more weird Craigslist listings, and much more. DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (Right-Click and ‘Save As’)
July 3, 2013
No audio available for this episode
I can’t believe we forgot to reblog this loldigitalmotiongamingepisode: In this episode we discuss GameStop mishaps, being screwed over by fellow collectors, our music scene experience, why we feel indie games are prospering in this generation, and Andrew’s bizarre fascination with the RMS Titanic. We are also joined by our good friend Joe for this episode. Hosted by Andrew, Chad, Jonathan, Kaylor, and special guest Joe. DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (Right-Click and ‘Save As’)
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