Nancy Battye & Friends Voicing Inspiration

Nancy Battye & Friends Voicing Inspiration
By Nancy Battye
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Nancy Battye & Friends Voicing Inspiration is dedicated to hosting conversations of the heart intertwined with the essence of compassion and forgiveness as an essential element of happiness in life with the Masters in Thought Leadership and Spiritual awareness who are committed to being Change Agents and Messengers of Love in the world.
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May 23, 2012
Joel Young is the Creator & Custodian of NPA, a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness and a genuine 21st Century Heretic, with over 16 years experience of healing & teaching internationally. In his inspiring talks and seminars, Joel shares the NPA Process and its message, asking you: "Are you ready for profound positive change that comes this easy?" Joel describes how in January 2006 he ‘disappeared’ in a cave in India, and in January 2007 he received a revelation in answer to a prayer. He was ‘given’ a simple process, and a Tri-fold message. The simplicity of the process belied its power and the profundity of the message is expanding through Consciousness, and the Global Community. Joel is renowned for his dynamic, humorous and clear delivery and has a knack for communicating the essence of a topic in a simple, heartfelt and easy to digest way. You can find out details of Joel's 1:1 Practice and other activities here:
May 10, 2012
More than chants, affirmations and positive thought, Renee Stern found a way to navigate through life’s struggles. After years of training -- and now teaching --, her spiritual “tools” embraces a unique spin in transforming life’s ups and downs. The maxim “fake it ‘till you make it” drives home a good point, but how do we get to that “it” when our life is often overshadowed with distractions and instabilities – both inside and out? For Renée, the “it” was finding the “tools.” You wouldn’t build a house without a hammer and nails. So why navigate through life without the specific “tools” that were created and intended to support you? With the right “tools” you can be in affinity with yourself and your principles, you can come from a place of strength and power, you can find harmony amongst conflict, you can be free to be! “Easier said than done,” you say. And you’d be correct, unless you’ve got the “tools.” Along with being a gifted trance medium clairvoyant, Renee’s career paths have included stints as a published author of international travel, and, more recently, as a financial intuitive helping people get on their path to success. Listen to Renée as she shares some of the “tools” … spiritual “tools” … that could shift your energy and change your life for the better – forever! Your natural spiritual state is one of positive abundance, and prosperity and wealth. If you’re not enjoying these elements, then it’s time for a change. Renee can be reached at and, while there, don’t forget to sign up for her FREE “Life Doesn’t Have To Be A Struggle” 7-Days of Spiritual Tools delivered via mp3.
April 25, 2012
Gina Gardiner is an experienced Leadership Consultant and Trainer, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach. She supports people at individual or organizational level to develop confidence, leadership and people skills; empowering them to see themselves as the solution. She is also a Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner. A serious ski accident in 1983, meant she was forced to use a wheelchair but, in her leadership role as head teacher of a large primary school, it was imperative that she looked at the bigger picture in order to overcome the significant challenges facing her. Because Gina was in a wheelchair she was unable to access most of the classrooms. She had to look at the bigger picture and develop ways to motivate and engage staff so that they were self reliant, understood how to deliver excellence and take responsibility for their own performance. Created out of necessity, her approach has proven that once we start to change how we think and how we see ourselves, we start to change our reality and that of those around us. Essentially, this is a huge gateway to maximising leadership potential as well as personal development. It’s also a good reason why in her 20 years of leading the school, it was acknowledged as one of Ofsted’s ‘Best Schools’ twice and included on the HMI honours list as one of England’s most successful schools and had a string of quality and kite marks. The strategies developed there are now being used with great success to help a wide range of business and organizations. Gina learned to walk twice as an adult and the fight for better mobility is ongoing. It has given her a unique understanding of how empowering or limiting beliefs have the power to hold us back or to help us forge ahead. Just as important has been a true sense of how a shift of perspective changes everything. A wheelchair can be seen as a significant limitation or as a chariot on fire offering freedom and empowerment. It is all about choice. What choice do you think she made? Read “Chariots On Fire – How To Create The Positive Advantage” her latest book. She is also the author of “Kick Start Your Career” and “How YOU Can Manage Your Staff More Effectively (And In Doing So Pave The Way To Your Next Promotion)” Gina is offering a generous 20% discount for 14 days after our show aires live for any purchases of her book "Chariots on Fire - It isn't what you can't do but what you can do that counts "
April 11, 2012
How Your Subconscious Mind is Blocking You from Having the Self-Confidence to Getting Clients and Making Money, and What to Do about It On this presentation, she will share with you how to get the CLIENTS, BUSINESS, and MONEY that you have always visualized yourself having.
April 4, 2012
What is forgiveness? How do we forgive? From the smallest act of unkindness to life-changing trauma, how can we find the secret power of forgiveness? Join 3-time Bestselling author and and International Speaker Teresa de Grosbois, as we unveil the deep power of forgiveness. You’ll hear real stories of forgiveness that will surprise you, make you laugh, and bring you to tears. Join us for this transformational conversation.
March 21, 2012
Pragito Dove is a master trainer, speaker, and meditation expert who teaches people how to transform pain and fear into joy and inner peace in order to achieve real world success. A best-selling author and laughter meditation advocate, she founded the Laughing Buddhas Network to make happiness and success accessible to all.
March 14, 2012
Kenji will present an Overview of planetary energies, mini Life Review, why people are experiencing what they are experiencing and a way out of all this mess. We will activate the deepest levels of the sub-conscious and Divine Inner Kid to collapse the remaining core patterns of your karmic cycle. Moving into New Earth vibration is our natural birthright, and NOW is the time to prepare for 12-12-12 and beyond. The listener will be supported by the Realms Of Light (Kingdom of the Angels) and the Great White Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) of Light.
Feb. 3, 2011
Daniel Gutierrez Author of Stepping into Greatness Success is up to You, Hispanic Leadership Guru, Daniel travels the world extensively for speaking engagements to Fortune 500 Companies and individuals alike, inspiring them to stay focused and achieve their dreams. Twice he has been listed in Latin Business Magazine's "Top 100 Hispanics" along with other extraordinary individuals. Daniel has been featured on the front cover of Latin Business Magazine, interviewed for the documentary film Luminous World views. January 2010 Daniel was inducted as the President of the prestigious national organization PRIMER based in New York City and currently advises to the Department of White House Personnel for the Obama Administration