June 20, 2016
The Science Project bridges the divide between intricately-mapped out campaigns and user experiences, across digital and physical realms. Spearheading this top New York agency is Creative Director Justin Edwards. How does The Science Project remain in touch with contemporary culture? How do you add actual value and avoid being part of the noise? Why is Snapchat the new frontier? Listen up! We unpack all this and more in this episode of Digital Caveman.
May 17, 2016
POKE Creative Partner Nicolas Roope is a true visionary in the realm of digital media. As one of POKE’s founders, over the past 16 years Roope has guided the legendary London agency through digital campaigns that have shaped the industry for the better. Roope is at the forefront of the revolutionary campaign “Here East” that is revitalising east London and creating a creative cluster with serious clout. What role does human behaviour play in digital campaigns? How do we use potent digital tools to create impact and conversations? Listen up! We unpack all this and more in this episode of Digital Caveman.
Feb. 17, 2016
Television builds community. So says Robin Kelly, Executive Editor of Don’t Look Down Entertainment's digital division. But it is digital that keeps television broadcasting relevant. Kelly has proved this assertion over the course of 15 years: integrating digital and building engagement around shows like Idols, Big Brother, Masterchef SA and Survivor South Africa. • How do you integrate new platforms into businesses focussed on traditional media? • How can you make digital a cornerstone of your programming? • How do you keep traditional broadcasting from being phased out?  
Feb. 1, 2016
Most companies still think that digital is a quick fix problem. But digital is everyone’s responsibility. So explains founder of customised education company Treeshake, Dave Duarte. A learning-centred approach to marketing and strategy provides business solutions. This is valuable than the surface level analytics and insights we are so fixated on. Good digital is about authentic communication. How did Dave’s ninja learning solutions hurl one advertising agency to the top of the digital marketing space? Listen up! We unpack this and more.
Jan. 18, 2016
“In order to stop someone in their tracks, you’ve got to speak to them like a human.” So maintains OFyt Creative Director Kelly Putter, providing a fresh perspective on the fast-moving digital marketing industry. Unlike many in the field, Putter isn’t distracted by the digital medium, but accommodates it into a model that gets to the heart of fundamental human truths. How can rudimental technology like USSD provide insight into everyday life? How do we avoid homogenising ‘consumer’? Why are we chasing ‘likes’ and what does that even mean? We unpack all this and more, in this episode of Digital Caveman.
Nov. 18, 2015
All brands have different needs. But they have one thing in common. They need to appeal directly to a highly specific and targeted consumer base.   TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS’s Chief Creative Officer Peter Khoury has been in marketing and advertising for 17 odd years. In this episode of Digital Caveman, he dishes on interacting and speaking to consumers as people, with specific wants and needs.   In so doing, marketers can turn what used to be a monologue, into a dialogue that adds value to consumers' lives.   Listen up! Digital Caveman unpacks all this and more!
Nov. 10, 2015
This week in the Digital Cave, Director of iDigital Brennan Wright, explains how his agency taps into the digital space using influential individuals.   Audiences are suspicious of highly branded content, but influencers have meaningful access to spaces that brands want to tap into.   From celebrity personalities, to talented creatives and digital natives, this is about adapting content to fit each influencer.   It’s not about the size of the audience; it’s about the authenticity of the content distribution.   Listen up! Digital Caveman unpacks all this and more!
Nov. 2, 2015
Creativity meets success in the form of Executive Creative Director of Quirk, Andrew Bloom.   Bloom talks about the infamous experiential Skittles campaign that built up a fan-base of 2.8 million people within four months and increased product sales by 30%.   How do we make the most of the living and breathing audience present in the digital space? How do we measure meaningful audience engagement? How do we prove digital's value to clients?   Listen up! Digital Caveman unpacks all this and more.    
Oct. 22, 2015
In our first episode Digital Caveman asks: how do we navigate the new space presented by social and digital platforms?   Top international advertising and marketing company Ogilvy & Mather responded by bringing in the savvy Melissa Attree, who has been working with social media before it was a 'thing', as their new Director of Content Strategy.   How do we facilitate conversations with consumers? How do we align new ways of thinking with traditional advertising? How do we intersect conversations and understand and manage communities?   Listen up! Digital Caveman unpacks all this and more.