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By Neil Thacker, James Robinson, Jason Clark

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Security Advisor Alliance - A regular community podcast aimed at Information Security professionals to discuss latest news stories, new strategies and new ideas.
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July 26, 2016
Brandon Dunlap, Global CISO for Black & Veatch Joins Alliance Executive Director to discuss the talent gap in the information security industry and how to address it. Show Notes at  
May 12, 2016
In Episode 34 of the Alliance Podcast, Mary Dickerson and John Godfrey of the University of Houston and Kansas University Medical Center weigh in on the challenges of educating the next generation of cyber security professionals. What is currently being done? What are the barriers preventing more students from entering the field? What are the biggest challenges Universities face with regards to Information Security? Join Host AJ Eads, Director of Communications for the Alliance along with two incredible guests to learn more about this fascinating topic and how two of our executive members are making an incredible difference.
April 18, 2016
Lewie Dunsworth of Optiv Security and former Director of Information Security at H&R Block joins Alliance Executive Director Clayton Pummill to discuss how he made the transition from IT to Security and the steps necessary to build a successful security program from the ground up. Lewie addresses how to find/create a security budget, how to communicate with LOB leaders to understand what assets need protection and some resources that new and established security leaders can access to further their expertise. Join the Alliance at and check out recent updates and news at  The Security Advisor Alliance is a non profit founded and run by industry leading information security professionals with the missions of aligning our leaders, growing the space and giving back to local communities.  If you'd like more information on how to engage with us, follow the Alliance on LinkedIn at and follow us on twitter @saasecure  
March 23, 2016
Experts in the Information Security field chime in on the uses for Email tagging in their organizations and some best practices for implementation & adoption.  Episode #32 Topic: Email Tag Host: Clayton Pummill Guests: James Robinson - Director, Risk & Threat Management             Michael - Healthcare Information Security Leader  
March 1, 2016 recently released their 2016 Trends that will dominate cyber security.  Two Alliance Members, Neil Thacker of ForcePoint and Raf Los from the Office of the CISO at Optiv Security weigh in on each topic. Neil Thacker - Information Security and Strategy Officer Raf Los - Managing Director, Solutions R&D 2016 Trends According to The Unintended Consequences of State Intervention Big Data Leads to Big Problems Mobile Applications and the IOT Cyber Crime Causes the Perfect Threat Storm Skills Gap Becomes an Abyss for Information Security Also Mentioned in this episode: The Hard Things About the Hard Things - Ben Horowitz Cleaning Up After a Breach Post-Breach Impact: A Cost Compendium ENISA - Threat Landscape Full CIO Article Discussed in this Podcast Visit The Alliance for Past Episodes and More information at:
Feb. 15, 2016
The Alliance has been incredibly active following our 2015 Leadership Summit in Dallas Texas.   Our leadership team, along side our advisory board has been building and planning for 2016 and beyond.  The most exciting projects of note that we discuss in this episode are: New Website and Branded Collateral. Communications Platform RSA - We'll be onsite all week! 2016 Alliance Leadership Summit Date Released. The episode concludes with a short discussion on leadership and self improvement.   Host:  Clayton Pummill - Executive Director, Security Advisor Alliance Guest: A.J. - Director of Communications, Security Advisor Alliance
Nov. 17, 2015
Episode 29 - Visibility.  The SAA podcast is guest hosted by Raf Los.  Raf is joined by SAA members Renee Guttmann (VP Information Risk @ Optiv), Dustin Wilcox (CISO @ Centene) and Arian Evans (VP Product Strategy @ RiskIQ).
Sept. 7, 2015
Episode 28 - Insider Threat management.  The SAA is joined by Chris Ray (CISO @ Epsilon) and Neil Thacker (CISO @ Raytheon|Websense) to discuss key wins to manage Insider Threat in the US and EU.
July 21, 2015
Episode 27 - The OPM breach.  The SAA podcast is hosted by Clayton Pummill and joined by Robert Bigman (President @ 2BSecure and ex-CISO for CIA), Chris Ray (ex-CISO @ Epsilon) and Neil Thacker (CISO @ Raytheon|Websense) to discuss findings of OPM breach.
July 9, 2015
Episode 26 - Legislation, Privacy & Regulation.  The SAA podcast is hosted by Mr Clayton Pummill and joined by Dustin Wilcox (CISO @ Centene) and Daniel Farris (Shareholder @ Polsinelli) to discuss Legislation, Privacy & Regulatory landscapes.
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