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FOMOfanz is simplifying the complex and translating the geek speak to cure your fear of missing out. Hosted by Brian Fanzo, Founder of iSocialFanz, global millennial keynote speaker, and change evangelist.
The goal of FOMOfanz is to turn your fear of missing out on the joy of missing out by keeping you up to date with the latest trends as well providing actionable insights around social media marketing, live streaming, digital storytelling, social business collaboration as well as the millennial mindset. The speed of digital transformation and technology change combined with the fact that 50% of the workforce will be millennials by 2020, requires that all leaders shrink the distance between the customers and the decision makers. By listening to this show each week you’ll be able to understand what your customers and employees are doing today while being prepared for the change of tomorrow.
April 17, 2018
Hey sales leaders and PR folks.... #ShowUcare I'm fired up on this episode ranting about two methods that are really bothering me that both Sales and PR leaders are leveraging in this digital world!  Below you'll see the two posts that inspired this episode!  Comment on the post after listening to this episode where I share more context and advice on how we can change these ANNOYING and LAZY trends!  Linkedin Post Discussed On This Episode: Dear sales people..... your email etiquette sucks!!! “I haven’t heard back from you..” “Bumping this to the top..” “Just in case you missed the last 3 emails...” “I know your busy and probably not interested in another sales call but....” GET THE HINT!! I’m not interested and the fact you keep emailing me has inspired me to block your email address therefore you’ve not only lost the chance to sell me today but also in the future! The old days of break them down till they say yes are over!! #ShowUcare #SocialSelling Facebook Post Discussed On This Episode Dear Brian, We are HUGE fans of your podcast FOMOFanz since episode 1... For an interview podcast like yours, we'd love to suggest BLAH BLAH & BLAH to be a guest.... Such a big fan that you didn't even take the time to listen to a single episode and realize it's not an interview podcast it's a solo podcast! WHAT A JOKE! Lazy PR, Lazy Sales and Lazy Marketing have got to stop! Want to learn from iSocialFanz: Want to learn from my playbook, learn how to embrace digital and tell your story to be discovered and grow your brand.  Check out my course #BeYourself - Use code FOMOFanz to get $50 off
April 2, 2018
What's the worst advice you've received? What's the worst advice you've given.... It's time to set the record straight on some of this BS that is being told to our future generation.... it's also important to remember that TIMES HAVE CHANGED and some advice that we were given in the 90's is no longer of value in 2018 and beyond thanks to digital! On this episode I share my thoughts on the bad advice I’m tired of hearing and that includes such things as: Entrepreneurship is for everyone Only talk about your failure or struggles after you’ve had success Only way to make a difference is to disrupt the status quo Even if you don’t have a product or service you can funnel hack your way to get clients till you figure it out Don’t take No for an answer keep at them and break them down till they say yes Riches are in the niches only Keys to a work-life balance Those that scream the loudest win Fake it till you make it Don’t work for the man/woman as everyone should work for themselves Hide your weakness and vulnerabilities Real men don’t cry Mentions: Podcast mention “Brain Work” by Vincenzo Landino (Voice of the intro) and Blake podcast for the genuinely curious! BeYourself Online Course: fomofanz18 discount code expires April 2018 Sponsor: iOgrapher Use FANZO10 gets 10% off this page:
March 27, 2018
On this episode I got fired up talking about one of my all-time favorite topics "Collaboration" and it impacts on the future of work and why I feel empowerment is the key to company culture.   On this show I tackle these common questions around the future of work, empowerment, and collaboration: What role does technology play? What about those damn millennial / GenZ job hoppers? Role of work from home continued growth? Culture outside the walls of HQ? What role does trust play in today's workforce? Are we going to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence and Robots? Why do I feel the entrepreneurship craze will burst in this new world of work?  What can businesses do today to be ready for the employees of tomorrow?  Sponsor: Use FANZO10 gets 10% off this page:
March 23, 2018
Guests are BACK!!!  On this extra-long episode of FOMOFanz, I decided to share my thoughts on the most recent drama around “Delete Facebook” but I didn’t want to do that alone so I brought on Vincenzo Landino CEO of Aftermarq and Vincent Orleck Head of Social Media at AttictSalt I grabbed these two guys and asked them to jump on the show to not only add some unique vantage points to the most recent social media changing landscape but also because they are two of my closest friends and genuine humans! (Recorded live on Facebook Live at 8pm) We planned on talking about all of the crazy updates happening over the last couple weeks in social media from Facebook Messenger to YouTube Live to Twitter Verification to Snapchat data sharing but the discussion was so good we only got a chance to cover the following items without this episode turning into a 2 hour show: Facebook - Delete Drama Read more on this topic here from my friend Mike Alton. Facebook Content Creator Patreon attempt! Read more on this from Tech Crunch Facebook Messenger more updates and changes YouTube - Live from desktop YouTube Red - Karate Kid Spin Off Cobra Kai Watch the trailer mentioned here LinkedIn Video Filters and Text Overlays Watch Brian’s most recent Linkedin Video here! Why does most video today still suck? What does the future of social media look like when great social video emerges? We also gave some love to these projects, brands and friends: Amy Landino: Author of Vlog Like A Boss and my guest on episode 015 of FOMOFanz. Delmondo: Social Video Analytics founded by Nick Cicero (I’m an advisor) LifeAt by SAP: Video series produced by Aftermarq for SAP thanks to SAP change agent Ryan Sonnenberg Give some love and follow my two guests: Vincenzo Landino: One of my closest friends, married to another close friend Amy and my live streaming brother is the CEO of Aftermarq Studios.  Follow him on Twitter at @VincenzoLandino Vincent Orleck: The guy I blame for dragging me into this digital marketing social media space is the Social Media Director at AtticSalt. Follow him on Twitter at: @VincentOrleck What did you think? I do plan on bringing on more guests in the future and would love suggestions of guests you’d like me to interview and your thoughts on the format of this episode!  Please email me at [email protected] or send me a tweet at @iSocialFanz
March 16, 2018
I believe every person no matter your job or industry must embrace the fact that they are the producer of their own reality tv series about their life.  Now I don’t mean the over produced and fake versions of reality tv rather the real, raw and unfilter access types that make you feel like you could be on that show or that one of those reality tv stars reminds you of a friend of yours. Our first impression in 2018 and beyond happens online and having a website or being on social media isn’t enough anymore.  How do you tell your story, how do you make people feel emotion or how do you create an experience for your community. The answer is content! “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou On this episode, I break down how content creators today make what they do look so easy and why I believe EVERYONE must create content.   I also answer these questions below that I often ask fellow creators and people often ask me as upwards of 20 pieces of content a week. Questions I answer on this episode: How do you build trust with content? Role of transparency as a content creator? Where should I start creating content? What's the difference between documenting and creating? Value of consistency? Is confidence important to convey within your content? How to be passionate about what you do without finding your passion? Importance of saying WE more than I or me! Why I challenge everyone to PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON! Some of the great creators I mentioned on this episode: Gary Vaynerchuk Casey Neistat Grant Cardone Amy Landino John Lee Dumas Owen Hemsath Chris Strub CJ Operamericano Want to know what events I’m speaking at and If I’ll be in your town? NEW calendar page updated:
March 11, 2018
On this episode you'll listen to the 35 minute keynote I gave at Social Media Marketing World on the Facebook Zero: News Feed changes.   This presentation was done with 51 gifs but the audio I captured from my iPhone on stage still captured my message and I thought this would be massively valuable to the FOMOFanz community. Keynote details: Facebook Strategy in Light of the Facebook Apocalypse Facebook has long preached the importance of social media being an extension of human to human interactions but lacked the platform or algorithm to reward brands for doing so. This all changed on January 11, 2018, as Mark Zuckerberg stated that: “If what we’re here to do is help people build relationships, then we need to adjust.” Brian will walk the audience through the strategy shift to create meaningful community interactions, empower employees, and leverage both influencers and fans. He will cover: · Social Media Changes: The latest news feed change and how that impacts organic reach and Facebook Ad spend. · Conversational Content: How to build a content strategy from the fans perspective focusing on creating “participatory content” targeted at an active audience rather than social spectators. · People Empowerment: What role employee advocacy and influencer relations will have on creating social media conversations and organic reach of content on social media. · 4 T’s: Framework needed to embrace this change & build a scalable strategy through Trust, Transparency, Training and Technology. Find out more about Brian as keynote speaker:
March 8, 2018
Pumped to talk about a wide range of disruptive technologies impacting all forms of marketing after a couple weeks of speaking at National Speakers Association, Digital Summit Phoenix and Social Media Marketing World.  Focus of this episode: What must change for marketing to embrace innovation in 2018 and beyond. How do the disruptions of innovations such as social media and mobility differ than the disruption of live video.  Why video and live video are great together How businesses must embrace change and disruption. How AWAY Luggage won me over after the product I bought would no longer work for me. Value of Trust in today's digital marketing Transparency vs Authenticity  Why we must embrace the fact that Relatability is the future of marketing. How will live video transformation led to innovation around VR/AR, 5G Mobile and Blockchain Why Blockchain is going to drastically disrupt the marketing space in the new future. Brands or links mentioned on this episode: My speaker site: Video Marketing World Workshop AAffiliate Link: Away Luggage Tweet I sent: Aftermarq Video Studios: (Vincenzo & Amy Landino): Bryan Kramer Human to Human Book: Ted Rubin Return On Relationships Book:
Feb. 15, 2018
I'm on the board of 5 startups as a strategic advisor which I love doing but as a speaker most of the events I attend and brands I work with are industry, enterprise or larger association.  This past week one of the startups I advice, Fledge Connect, placed in the top 50 for the Startup Grind competition allowing them to go to the global event in Redwood Ca to pitch VC's, have a booth and participate in the event.   Although I had heard of Startup Grind, this was my first time attending one of their events and this global one is a big one with over 7k startups and 2 full days of speakers.   When arriving at events I always try to have done research prior on previous years while also seeing how they try to set themselves a part and the first sign I saw at Startup Grind set the vibe for the entire event and inspired this podcast episode.  The sign said simply "Our Values" Help Others - before yourself Give First - don't take Make Friends - not contacts  Many events preach community and collaboration but seldom is it something built into the culture of company, the event and all of the attendees.   I was so inspired I decided to breakdown a few key things that stood out to me!   Derek Anderson is the real deal and lives his values!  Startup Bootcamp advice for pitching was intense  What I noticed after watching 50 startups give 1 minute pitches VC's opinion of marketing and its value or lack of value for startups Vulnerability was a theme on stage and amongst startups  Everyone there was there because they wanted to help, give and make friends and we can all learn from that! Check out as they have 350+ locations around the globe.  I wasn't paid to be there or paid to create this show but I left the event so inspired I had to share it with you guys only hours after getting home from a red-eye.  I hope you enjoy! 
Feb. 5, 2018
When most hear about selling online they either think about the overused term “social selling” or they think about the infomercial style selling where brands push webinars, online courses and free downloads in consumers faces to get them on their email list so they can hammer them with email upsells and limited space available marketing crap. I do believe in the power of social selling and know many people who do it well but the reason the other time of online selling works is because consumers have put up with it while realizing some of it might be valuable but most won’t.  Well in 2018 the digital attention of consumers has shifted away from these tactics and consumers are looking at new ways to gain new experiences and connect with stories and marketing that they feel is important. The Secret to Great Digital Storytelling! Relatability!  Why is most business done on the golf course at the hair salon or wherever else you are other than your actual physical work location.  It’s because you become relatable and people connect with you at a much deeper level than what you do or what you’re selling.  Sadly even though most of us understand this, when we move to digital and want to find similar results online we are only willing to talk about our work and want to appear perfect and have control of everything.  Not only does that not work but it shouldn’t be a surprise because it doesn’t work offline either. On this episode I pull from some examples I found last week while speaking at three unique events: Training Learning & Development Conference, Gi Sports Paintball Distributor Day and US Sailing Leadership Forum.  All 3 events hired me, an outsider, to come in and give a keynote on the importance of digital storytelling and embracing change to grow with the digital native consumers.   Although I wasn’t an expert in their industry or sport I was able to find examples and scenarios that they could understand and all 3 events went amazingly well and it’s because I was able to be relatable.   After listening to this episode I want you to ask yourself, what works for selling my product or service or business offline and how can I take who I am and what sells offline and include that in my digital story online.   “3 out of 4 Millennials would choose to spend their money on an experience rather than buying something desirable.” Via Eventbrite: The Experience Movement: Research Report To create a great experience online and tell your story in a way that connects with those outside your close circle or business community you must be vulnerable, you must find ways to tell your story and ultimately your success will be determined by your ability to be relatable!
Jan. 26, 2018
The concept of influencer marketing isn’t new but how brands can leverage influencers and what works for collaborating with an influencer has drastically changed over the last 18 months. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or an enterprise there are people that use your product or service that influence others through their actions, their words or simply their trust in that person. The hard part is finding the right influencer then mapping out what success looks like for you the brand and how you’ll measure that success. On episode 61 of FOMOFanz, I share the mindset changes and critical steps required for brands to be successful with influencer marketing all the way from finding the right influencer to managing influencer expectations to ultimately creating a partnership built on trust with influencers that have unique communities that create different types of content. I’ve had the luxury of first being identified as in influencer in 2014 by IBM, then working with brands like Applebees, Cox Business, SAP and the Superbowl to build influencer marketing and I believe even in my short time in this space so much has changed and the value and plan for influencer marketing in 2016 wouldn’t work in 2018. I’d love for you to listen to this episode as I share a bit about my experience but more importantly break down each of the below critical aspects that done correctly will lead to a successful influencer marketing partnership both moving the business needle and establishing a long-term relationship with the influencer and their community! Define what success looks like and how to measure that. Micro-Influencer why they work for brands of all sizes Hiring the right people to source & how to properly outreach to influencer Managing expectations and partnering with the influencer to reach a shared goal. Content collaboration is far more than an influencer takeover or influencer creating content on their own channel. Field of dreams marketing is broken, you must engage with the community where the community is and be active in building trust with the community alongside the influencer Making the partnership beneficial for the influencer doesn’t require it being a paid relationship but it does require the brand to understand what matters to the influencer Sponsor or Speaker Requests: [email protected]

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