Revolution Church - Pastor Zak White REVYOURLIFE

Revolution Church - Pastor Zak White REVYOURLIFE
By Pastor Zak White
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Sermon Audio from Revolution Church and Pastor Zak White in San Antonio, Texas.
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Nov. 2, 2017
Have you noticed that life can seem pretty random sometimes? While we usually present a sermon series that flows together, we’re about to go completely random. In this series (that’s not really a series!), we’ll be looking into God’s Word to deal with some of the random things that life can throw at us. You’re invited to join us for the Most Random Sermon Series Ever. Though it’s random, it’s going to be powerful. Come hear about it!
Nov. 2, 2017
When you’re born into the family of God, you’re born with some SWAG. Some stuff we all get, but have to take. We get love, favor, blessings, righteousness and more, all because of Jesus. But there’s a swagger jacker out there, trying to steal away our swag. Join us as we look at some stuff that we all get in Christ and how we can hold on to it.