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Bill Hammack's audio and video work emphasizes the creative role of engineers in designing and creating our world. He's a regular commentator on radio - based at Illinois Public Radio in Urbana he's appeared on public radio's premier business program Marketplace, and on Radio National Australia's Science Show. Many engineering, science, and journalistic groups have recognized his work.
51 episodes
since Jan, 2010


(4/4) Operation: The details of setting up the Harmonic Analyzer

This series on Albert Michelson’s Harmonic Analyzer celebrates a nineteenth century mechanical computer that performed Fourier analysis by using gears, springs and levers to calculate with sines and cosines—an astonishing feat in an age before electronic computers. This video (the fourth of four) shows how to operate the machine. Check out the series companion book and learn how to get a free PDF of the entire book at
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