Love and Justice: A Serious Sailor Moon Podcast

Love and Justice: A Serious Sailor Moon Podcast
By The NerdStreet Hoodlums
About this podcast
Welcome to Love and Justice! A Super Serious Sailor Moon Podcast. Each week hosts Emma Fyffe, Lola Binkerd, and Kelby LeNorman discuss an episode of the new anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal, and compare it to its past incarnations (AKA the manga, the 90s anime, and the live action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon).

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Latest episodes
Jan. 12, 2018
Happy new year Moonies! This week on the podcast we discuss Sera Myu: Le Mouvement Final to finsh out our coverage of the new Myus. We're all about Galaxia's crazy eyes, the terrifyingly adorable Chibi Chibi and the return of Satomi as Sailor Cosmos. Also are Uranus and Nepture dating IRL because, if you look at their respective twitter feeds, it seems like they might be?
Dec. 24, 2017
For our final episode of 2017, we're joined by our favorite maigcal boys, Sam McClellan and Adam Ferry to discuss the (sadly, somewhat lackluster) final chapter of the supremely charming magical boy anime series "Cute High Earth Defense Club Love" AKA the recent OVA with a couple extra "loves" on the end.
Oct. 31, 2017
Happy Halloween one and all! At last the saga of the Dracula myus has finally come to a close with this episode's coverage of the myu Last Dracul Saishuu Shou. We're not quite sure what happened in this one.  Mandrake siblings, tiny werewolf babies, and a triangle box that is a prison sometimes but not all the time raise a lot of questions. But we do our best to put our heads together and figure it out. Not too sure if the mystery of the triangle box will ever be solved though. Stay safe and spoopy out there, you crazy kids!
Oct. 5, 2017
It's been a while but the L&J crew is back to close out the Nehelenia arc of Stars! That's episodes 171 and 172. While we enjoyed this arc overall we're a little fuzzy on Nehelenia's origin as well as the ending. Was it a dream? Is it a parallel universe? Who knows! But all that aside, it is undeniable how badass the senshi are, especially Hotaru. Get you some, you adorable murder machine!
Aug. 15, 2017
The lovely Carrie Sleutskaya has joined us again to go over her International Sailor Moon Day event: Legend of the Moon. We talk about swag bags, dancing jams, our favorite moments. We hint at what could be in store for next year. We even, oddly enough, talk about throwing birds. If nothing else, we at least enterain ourselves. 
Aug. 1, 2017
Don't call it a come back! We've been here this whole time, we just got swept up in the craziness that is con season. And what better way to reunite with you all than to talk about some International Sailor Moon Day happenings, specifically the Legend of the Moon event! We're joined by event coordinator and all-around Renaissance woman Carrie Sleutskaya to talk about the event she and her creative team are putting together. Want to check out the event for yourselves? Get your tickets while they last! Make sure to use promo code SERENITY at checkout to get a sweet discount.
June 21, 2017
We're talking episodes 169 and 170 of the 90s anime, AKA episodes 3 & 4 of Sailor Stars, AKA two of the BEST episodes of the 90s anime.  Especially episode 169, which is a beauitfully contructed horror story of the psychological thriller variety. Though Mercury and Uranus's unlikely partnership in epiosde 170 provides some really nice character development for the latter, making for a compelling and satisfying viewing experience.
June 7, 2017
We're back!! And we're cutting through all the fat and getting right into what many (many being we) consider to be some of the best episodes every churned out by the 90s anime - episodes 1 & 2 of Sailor Stars, AKA episodes 167 & 168 overall, AKA "oh crap, we forgot to put the Outer Senshi in Sailor Moon S. We finally solve the mystery of babies in clown pajamas, theorize that Uranus and Neptune have, in fact, just been hanging in this aquarium for the past year and are confused as to why litrally NO ONE is alarmed that Sailor Pluto, who was last seen dying in an exploding helicopter is suddenly alive again.
June 2, 2017
Hey Love and Justice fans!! Just wanted to give you all a quick update re: what's been going on with us and our plans for the podcast over the summer.
May 12, 2017
Our personal Cosplay Idol Jessie Pridemore joins us this week to share tales of the struggles of being a weeaboo back in the late 1990s.  In addition to her totally endearing cosplay origin tale, which is 100% Sailor Moon related, she talks about branching out from the Star Wars Expanded Universe into the weird, wonderful world of manga, the life changing power of Battle Angel Alita, and the trouble with animated adaptations of CLAMP.