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Pro Wrestling, Comedy and Stories while on the Road. the Traveling Tights is your invitation into the warped minds of professional wrestlers Dalton Castle, Bobby Fish and all their wrestling friends along the road.
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Jan. 26, 2016
Dalton Castle and Bobby Fish sit down for a brunch cast. They talk about their latest wrestling adventures, AJ Styles, and making a murderer...
Jan. 15, 2016
Dalton Castle and Bobby Fish boarder on coherincy and talk about TSA, 80s Movies and fail miserably at a new game.
Jan. 8, 2016
Dalton Castle and Bobby Fish sit down for a brunch-cast. A discussion about Wrestle Kingdom 10, Movies and Rumors in wrestling.
April 11, 2014
This week we meet up with Matt Hardy to talk about life changing memories from the WWE and stupid things we did as kids that should have killed us. We also here from Bobby Fish about his visit to Wrestle Con out side wrestlemania 30. Then we remember a icon of wrestle and take a peek into a past interview with Asking Alexandria. (Original Air Date 04/11/2014) Show Summery: Dalton's Throat Is A Hardcore Match Bobby's foggy Memories Of New Orleans RJ City And Pro Wrestling History Sit Down With Matt Hardy Remembering Ultimate Warrior With Asking Alexandria
March 29, 2014
This week we meet Dragon Gate USA star Johnny Gargano who has many stories to share about finding himself in horrific situations. Johnny’s first visit to Japan was terrify and He explains why Gregory Iron is the worst person to let drive… EVER! Enjoy this week’s episode of the Traveling Tights (original air date 03/28/2014) Show Summery: Talking With Friends On Planes She Looks Like The American Dream Interview With Johnny Gargano Greg Iron Is A Road Disaster
March 21, 2014
Bobby swims solo on this one (get it?). The tables have turned and Fish handles the on the road portion of the program. Dalton Castle and Bobby Fish bring you into the pro wrestling world every week and this is no different. A big part of pro wrestling is the meal after the show… we think. If it’s not a big thing then we are going to pretend it is. Check out this week’s episode featuring Ring of Honor’s Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and Kasey Ray. (Original Air Date 03/21/2014) Show Summary: • Dalton’s Weekend With 2CW • Pun = No Fun • Scranton’s Finest • Bobby’s Company at TGI Friday’s • The End
March 14, 2014
A weekend on the road and a visit into a stinky lock room. This week one half of the tag team Ohio is for killers joins the program along with Alex Colon. Dave Crist talks with Dalton about an insane “prank” they pulled on their mother that in most homes would get your arrested. Later we check in with Ring of Honor’s Bobby fish to ensure he is still alive. Enjoy this week’s episode of the traveling tights. (Original air date 03/14/2014) Show Summary: Dalton Is Superman Jaws Saves Lives Guest Discussion With Dave Crist and Alex Colon Bobby Has A Boo Boo
March 7, 2014
Traveling Tights Road Edition: This week Dalton Castle and Bobby fish document their entire weekend as the travel to IWC in Clearfield, PA. Listen to what the guys talk about on the road to the show where they are scheduled to face each other in a match. Then sit back stage with former TNA star Tony Nese and Rex Lawless. Enjoy this Road edition of the Traveling Tights (Original air date 03/07/2014) Show Summary: • Driving Over Mountains Is Fun • Bobby Loves Rocky and Rocky Love Emily • Guest Discussion With Tony Nese And Rex Lawless • Tony Has A Fragile Face • Broken Dreams
Feb. 28, 2014
A road trip to IWC in Pittsburgh means we get a “super show” this week. Bobby can’t get his act together and Dalton flies solo yet again. This week you get to join Dalton, RJ City, Colin Delaney and Asylum as they have breakfast. Also Matt Taven joins the program to celebrate the Oscars. (Original air date 02/28/2014) Show Summary: • Bobby Is Full Of Urine & Excuses • My Trip To IWC • Colin, RJ, Asylum and Dalton order eggs • Movies With Matt
Jan. 31, 2014
A Week without Bobby means the podcast goes on the road. This week Colin Delaney steps in as Dalton’s co-host as the record semi in studio and semi in a mop closet at a wrestling show in western New York. Ring of Honor TV star Matt Taven checks in and comedic musical guest Jon and Dylan join in on this week’s Traveling Tights podcast. (Original air date 01/31/2014) Show Summary: • Dalton Knows Only How To Fail • Precautionary Hole Digging • Colin & Dalton In A Closet • Musical Guest Jon & Dylan • Presidents • Sexy Voice Mail • Matt Taven Joins The Traveling tights