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FinTalk is a fresh new podcast series where we drill down into what drives the brightest minds in finance and tech today. Brought to you by bobsguide, GTNews and PaymentEye, the show is hosted by our Managing Editor, Alex Hammond [previously Sarah Gill]. Join us each episode for candid conversations with the leaders, investors and entrepreneurs behind the biggest brands in fintech.
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May 10, 2018
bobsguide's roaming reporter ,David Beach, caught up with Barclays UK's Chief Innovation Officer, Kirsty Rutter at the Rise Accelerator just off Old Street roundabout. Sat in the building's guitar room, they talk about: - How vastly different Rise is to the Barclays' 'mothership' - How Barclays' innovators views the challenger market - How a small Japanese fishing village came to inform Barclays UK's innovation approach.
May 8, 2018
The worldwide refugee crisis shows no sign of stopping any time soon, with over 28,000 people still forced to flee their homes every day due to violent upheavals in the most turbulent parts of the world. But could the solution be that apparent magical cure-all we've been hearing about for as long as we can remember? Blockchain has been touted as the digital solution for nearly every problem in the tech world. But the indisputable ledger might also hold the key to providing refugees with opportunities for positive change. This episode of the FinTalk Podcast features an interview with James Song, CEO and founder of Exsulcoin, a company using blockchain and crypto as a potential solution to the problems faced by refugees the world-over.
April 25, 2018
At SAP Ariba Live in Amsterdam, bobsguide sat down with Dr Marcell Vollmer, chief digital officer of SAP Ariba to discuss James Blunt, blockchain value proposition and the future of sustainable procurement.
April 16, 2018
Dave Beach is joined by IBM, Barclays and Synswap for this podcast to separate the wheat from the chaff, the happening from the hype and the fact from the fad when it comes to real use cases From the tech corner: Keith Bear, VP of financial markets, IBM. From the financial corner: Dr Lee Braine, blockchain lead, Barclays. From the fintech corner: Sophia Grami, founder and CEO of Synswap.
March 9, 2018
On 25 May 2018 GDPR will come into force in the UK, affecting every business that collects data on its customers. Financial services is one of the industries most heavily affected, so are institutions on top of compliance? With 100 days remaining until its implementation date, we take a closer look at how GDPR is reshaping banking operations, ask where companies should be on their compliance journey, and highlight the dangers institutions face if the deadline is not met. Topics covered with industry experts will include: • What actually are the obligations that GDPR places upon financial institutions? Are they clear? • How should new consequences for data breaches introduced by GDPR reshape banks' IT budget? • Is partnering with solution vendor the only route to GDPR compliance? • Does GDPR challenge the notion that data is the new money, or does it strengthen that position? • Is the impact of Brexit on GDPR clear? Speakers: • Joanna de Fonseka - Associate, IT/Commercial, Baker & McKenzie LLP • Ria Halme (LLM, CIPP/E) - Director / Privacy and Data Protection Consultant, Halme Ltd. • Dov Goldman - VP, Innovation & Alliances, Opus • Alex Hammond [Moderator] - Managing Editor, bobsguide
Feb. 7, 2018
For the entirety of 2017 the asset management industry was counting down to January 3 2018, the implementation date of MiFID II. A lack of clarity on how the regulator expected firms to comply had dominated MiFID II preparation, so is the picture clearer post-implementation? What should firms’ next move be? And how does fintech fit into the picture?
Sept. 27, 2016
In the latest episode of the FinTalk podcast, we talk to head of Innotribe Fabian Vandenreydt about key trends in emerging financial technology, what to expect from Sibos and why there’s never been a better time to collaborate in financial services.
Sept. 7, 2016
Invented after co-founder Celine Lazorthes struggled to collect all the money money for a student weekend trip, today group payments platform Leetchi has taken money from more than 5m people. Meanwhile MangoPay the white label payments service which underpins the platform and which she also founded is now being used by more than 1000 businesses to process payments around the world. In the latest episode of the FinTalk podcast, we talk to Celine about the realities of building a financial tech startup, French fintech and women in tech.
Aug. 11, 2016
Today Xero is one of the most recognisable brands in business tech with posters plastered over London tube carriages, more than 700,000 customers, 1,400 staff and $100m in revenues globally each year. In the latest episode of the FinTalk interview podcast series Gary Turner, the firm’s UK MD, talks about the early days of building up the business, why location is no longer important for building a company and about the need to make sure kids are creators as well as consumers of technology.
July 19, 2016
Today WorldRemit is one of the UK's most high profile fintech companies, offering international remittance services from 50 countries to more than 120 destinations around the globe. Users can send money via computer, smartphone or tablet and picked up in the shape of a bank deposit, mobile money or mobile airtime top-up as well as more traditional cash pick-up. Aiming to offer an alternative to high fee charging incumbents with highstreet agent models, it is part of a new generation of money transfer services that want to make sending money as easy as sending a message online. Backed by the likes of Facebook and Dropbox investor Accel Partners, the firm is one of London's best-backed financial tech companies with around $150m in venture funding under its belt. In the latest episode of the FinTalk interview podcast series we talk to Ismail Ahmed, who decided to build WorldRemit after experiencing the high cost and inconvenience of sending and receiving money first hand, initially growing up in Somaliland and later as a student in London sending money home. We talk about the challenges he faced building the business, where he sees the industry in 10 years and what he's learned along the way.

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