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Podcasts are booming right now and the trend is only getting more popular by the minute. Everyone wants to have the next Serial, EOFire, and Smart Passive Income podcast. But that doesn't mean every podcast that's popping up left and right is actually worth listening to. This show is here to provide bloggers and solopreneurs with actionable advice and tips on developing and launching a successful podcast from scratch. So if you've been blogging for a while and still haven't built an audience, this show will help you build your email list, get more podcast downloads, get more subscribers and market your podcast effectively.
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since Oct, 2015


P20: How to Take Over iTunes With Your Podcast Network

Download: MP3 | Review: iTunes If you want to take over iTunes, then you need to start a topical podcast network, which is basically a set of shows that all attract similar people and grow your audience 5X faster. In this episode I talk about how to break down your shows into smaller podcasts and how to place them in categories. This is all about strategy, so get a pen and paper ready. I’m going to spill the beans in this one. Let’s get going.
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