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Podcasts are booming right now and the trend is only getting more popular by the minute. Everyone wants to have the next Serial, EOFire, and Smart Passive Income podcast. But that doesn't mean every podcast that's popping up left and right is actually worth listening to. This show is here to provide bloggers and solopreneurs with actionable advice and tips on developing and launching a successful podcast from scratch. So if you've been blogging for a while and still haven't built an audience, this show will help you build your email list, get more podcast downloads, get more subscribers and market your podcast effectively.
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Jan. 12, 2016
Download: MP3 | Review: iTunes If you want to take over iTunes, then you need to start a topical podcast network, which is basically a set of shows that all attract similar people and grow your audience 5X faster. In this episode I talk about how to break down your shows into smaller podcasts and how to place them in categories. This is all about strategy, so get a pen and paper ready. I’m going to spill the beans in this one. Let’s get going.
Jan. 5, 2016
Length: 22 minutes, 03 seconds | Download: MP3 (11.4 MB) | Review: iTunes   Welcome to part 1 of the 10-part content series on Topical Podcast Networks. In this episode we talk about what they are and how are they different from typical networks popping up left and right. Plus, more importantly, why you should consider starting one yourself in 2016. Click play to listen.  Hope you enjoy it.
Dec. 29, 2015
Length: 16 minutes, 34 seconds | Download: MP3 (9.28 MB) | Review: iTunes Podcast Radio in 2016 will be even better than the last 9 weeks. In this episode I tease the 10 part content series that’s coming up, where we discuss the making of a Podcast Network. A few topics I have in mind are, what is a topical podcast network, how do you go about creating one, how can you break up your content, and how can you save time to run multiple shows. It’s going to be jam packed. Enjoy! Want to create and sell online courses? Click here to get started now.
Dec. 15, 2015
Length: 24 minutes, 12 seconds | Download: MP3 (24.8 MB) | Review: iTunes Podcasting is booming. The competition is getting steeper and you’ll have to come with you A-Game if you want to compete. The best way to do that is to develop an Unique Selling Point for your iTunes show. Ask yourself, why would someone listen to my podcast when there are so many great ones on the topic? That’s what this episode is all about. Hope you enjoy it.
Dec. 8, 2015
Length: 28 minutes, 13 seconds | Download: MP3 (28.4 MB) | Review: iTunes Here’s an interesting fact. People with a podcast reach a wider audience, build a bigger email list, get more sales, and are more likely to develop super powers in their lifetime. (don’t quote me on that last one) But most people just upload their audio file without having a strategy as to how it’s going to increase their bottom line. Today’s episode will go into just that. We’ll talk about how to use a podcast to talk to more people and sell more ebooks. I did a few of these things to get a bump in ebook sales when I restarted the podcast back in July. This episode covers: The Problogger Strategy (120,000 downloads in the first month) Urgency – Time Sensitive Shows Strategy – (Countdown Demo) Audio testimonials Sponsor your own show
Dec. 1, 2015
Length: 18 minutes, 24 seconds | Download: MP3 (19.4 MB) | Review: iTunes Want to grow your podcast audience? This episode gets into a few key ways to increase engagement and retention of podcast listeners. Retention is important, but most people don’t focus on it. I’ll go on to say, retention is far more important than getting more people to listen to one of your shows. Sure, we need to promote our stuff and I go into some ways you can do that – but I also believe that keeping the people that take the time to listen is the best way to grow week after week. I hope you enjoy this episode.
Dec. 1, 2015
Length: 15 minutes, 25 seconds | Download: MP3 (16.7 MB) | Review: iTunes It’s always good to learn from people that have been there, done that. In this episode we look at tips and advice from other successful podcasters – people like Chris Brogan, Pat Flynn, and Chris Ducker have very smart things to say about this medium of content creation. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to sign up for the content library. See you inside.
Nov. 24, 2015
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Nov. 17, 2015
Length: 17 minutes, 43 seconds | Download: MP3 (9.74 MB) | Review: iTunes Branding is more than just pretty pictures and nice graphics. Branding is what people feel when they visit your website, interact with you on social media, and the things they say about you when you’re not in the room. (which is always.. ‘cuz we re building digital businesses, right?) Anyway, in today’s episode of Podcast Radio we talk about: Smart ways to brand your new podcast The difference between amateur and professional What your podcast artwork says about you and a quick look at color psychology Hope you enjoy this episode of Podcast Radio and don’t forget to sign up for the early bird list over at Podcast Masterclass. The course is launching December 1st and the early bird pricing will only be available for a limited time. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own show on iTunes and build your audience faster, then this is the course for you. My podcast network has already increased my weekly email subscriptions by 445% in just 3 weeks. I’m excited and kind of in shock at the impact podcasting still has on audience growth. (even in 2015). Don’t wait! Join the list and get notified when enrollment opens.
Nov. 10, 2015
Are you confident enough to be a podcaster? Are you confident enough to teach and be a leader? This episode talk about the impostor syndrome and how it scares us into being less confident about what we have to say and share. This is a must listen. Don’t forget to rate and review the podcast in iTunes, and join the thousands who have already joined the Inbound Pro content library. Length: 20 minutes, 54 seconds | Download: MP3 (11.1 MB) | Review: iTunes
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