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FuzeNews hosted by @SocialLittleMan, Joey Little is where you can tune in to hear the latest news in communication, social and digital marketing strategies for the automotive industry. Joey is Director of Digital and Social Strategy with AutoAlert, the industry's premier proactive portfolio management for communication, marketing, equity mining, data mining and intelligent marketing solutions for the modern dealership. For more information about AutoAlert, visit http://www.autoalert.com, to follow Joey on Social Media find him @SocialLittleMan.
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July 22, 2016
Jim Kristoff (@JimKristoff), Senior Director of Sales for AutoAlert, sits down with FuzeNews host Joey Little, @SocialLittleMan, and talks about the 5 things that really make AutoAlert stand out from the rest when it comes to selling more cars at the dealership.
May 2, 2016
Bob Tasca and AutoAlert at NADA 2016 http://tascaracing.com http://autoalert.com  
April 27, 2016
Terry Miller is General Manager with Galpin Ford.  Galpin is known worldwide as a record-breaking dealership with more than 25 years on top, winning every award Ford gives top performers.  AutoAlert and Galpin Ford have an enduring partnership, and during the recent National Automotive Dealers Association conference in Las Vegas, Terry stopped by the AutoAlert booth to talk strategy and the future of automotive technology.   To learn more about autoalert, visit http://autoalert.com To learn more about Galpin, visit http://galpinford.com Follow Joey Little @SocialLittleMan on Twitter

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