Talkin' at the Talon

By Bessyboo & Moonling
About this podcast
A biweekly podcast in which Bess (bessyboo) and Alex (moonling) watch and discuss every episode of Smallville, in order, and give fanwork recommendations that are almost certainly better than the episode we just watched. Because we just can't give up on this dumb show.
In this podcast
Aug. 3, 2016
Continuing the run of guest, we are joined by Aria to talk about this episode as well as the show in general and Merlin, a little bit. Lex Evilness Rating:3 Rec: A Very Luthor Wedding by Ellison Wonderland, podfic by reena_jenkins
July 25, 2016
We are joined by our friend Meryl to spend an extra-long time talking about this extra-weird episode. Digressions include us learning science facts and the moment Alex can no longer restrain herself from yelling about Star Wars. Lex Evilness Rating:1 Recs: Skin Deep by Rivkat and the podfic by reena_jenkins
July 19, 2016
We are joined by our friend Eric to watch this episode, which is bad! The episode not ... the fact that Eric is there. That's great. Lex Evilness Rating: 3 Rec A Man's Got to Know His Limitations by LastScorpion
June 17, 2016
In this episode we get an extra Luthor who brings an extra portion of borderline nonsesical Machiavellian melodrama and some bonus weird sexual tension! It's a good time. Lex Evilness Rating: 2 Recs: Philadelphia by rivkat Time and a World Away by seperis
June 7, 2016
Sorry for the delay, guys, I didn't have the wifi I thought I would while was abroad. Let's get back into the swing of things with this classically Smallville episode where people act all crazy because of a space thing! Lex Evilness Rating: 1 Rec: Drop Dead Gorgeous by astolat
May 17, 2016
This episode sounds like it should be fun, but it isn't. Or possibly we were just too sleepy to process it. Lex Evilness Rating: 1 Rec: Definitely Not a Nashville Party by rivkaT
May 4, 2016
Hey, finally an episode we actually like! Lex Evilness Rating: 4 Rec: Tell by rivkaT
April 23, 2016
In this episode, Tina Greer is back, with even more predatory lesbianism! Also, what are skeletons? We just don't know. Lex Evilness Rating: 0 Rec: Sugar by keely
April 19, 2016
In this episode we sigh a lot about racism. Fun times! Lex Evilness Rating: 1 Recs: Magic in North America Part 1: Ugh. by Adrienne K. Mr Blue Sky by nancyblackett
April 13, 2016
In this episode, Clark is terrible, Lana and Chloe are adorable, and this show ignores the normal function of both time and gravity. Lex Evilness Rating:3 Recs: Butter Makes It Better by Nuala Resident Alien by seperis, podfic by reena_jenkins