This Week in Digital Marketing

This Week in Digital Marketing
By Tod Maffin
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In this weekly podcast, Tod Maffin interviews top marketing leaders about how YOU are messing everything up. Short, insightful, and actionable.

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Feb. 23, 2018
Don't forget, podcast listeners, you can also join us live when we do this show (Fridays 12pm PT). Details are at http://ThisWeek.News Here's what's on this week: — The Snapchat exodus has begun — Meanwhile, Google is now doing “Stories” as well — Facebook’s new algo is rolling out slower than you think — Facebook now automatically detecting web actions — New study reveals best Facebook post types — Twitter abandoning its Mac app... — ...and clamping down on multiple-account actions — LinkedIn improves its search — App of the Week: Noun Project — Tool of the Week: Lumen5
Feb. 19, 2018
Facebook Are brands using FB Live yet? What we’ve learned doing our Lives for clients Recommendations for mics and stabilizers 6-second ads over-performing Are reviews being dropped? Instagram Kiss your hashtag contests goodbye Notifications for screenshotting stories coming Twitter “Embed lawsuit” could have chilling effects Local breaking news live coverage Snapchat SnapMap lands on desktop Live is here! (Not for you.) Analytics are here! (Not for you.) Podcasts Talent land-grab underway Ad-Backed hosting now a thing Tod’s Picks Site of the Week: Jog.AI Podcast of the Week: 20,000 hz App of the Week: Apollo
Feb. 10, 2018
Facebook Organic reach may drop 20% on Monday (!) Goodbye News Feed? Downvote button being tested Cash for “moderation causes” Publishers starting to bail out on Facebook Instagram Catalog Ads available Share any post as a Story Cinemagraph being tested How to fix the “Click Link in Bio” problem Twitter What their first-ever profitable quarter (!) means for marketers Snapchat Is that redesign actually working? Captionable AR Masks Podcasts Talent land-grab underway Ad-Backed hosting now a thing Tod’s Picks Marketing Tool of the Week Podcast of the Week: Marketing Jam App of the Week: Flic Site of the Week: Jog.AI
Feb. 2, 2018
Don't forget to visit if you want to watch the video version. On this week's This Week in Digital Marketing, we cover the HUGE change to Instagram publishing, a great tool to measure your Facebook Pages organic reach, some real data on podcast reach, and much more! TOPICS: Instagram • Scheduled Posts! (but there’s a catch) Facebook • Cost of Ads Sky-rocking • Do third-party tools hurt your reach? • Watch List: Facebook moving into AR. Fast. • Facebook ads you can’t run Twitter • Twitter now sending more traffic to web sites • Moments can now be sponsored (Who cares? Not me.) • The Quiet Return of Vine • Twitter’s new Promote Mode: Is it worth it? (Spoiler: Nope.) Google • New Real-Time Ad Triggers Other News • Snapchat Deathwatch: Tries e-commerce • Podcast are killing it • Tinder lost a big lawsuit Tod’s Picks • Podcast of the Week • App of the Week • Blog Post of the Week • Tool of the Week
Jan. 27, 2018
On this week's episode:  • iMessage for Business?! • GIFs coming to Instagram Stories • Snapchat Stories to be Shareable • A Cautionary Tale About Wikipedia • How to Turn Off Instagram’s Creepiest Feature • Facebook Releases Video Consumption Data • LinkedIn Joins the Filter Craze — Intelligently • Bing’s Smartest Move Yet • Watch List: • Canada to Require Google Listing Removal? • Facebook Takes on Twitch • App of the Week: Daylio • Tool of the Week: SumoRank  
Dec. 11, 2015
Facebook ad rates are steeply climbing. I'll explain why and how to buffer yourself against it. If you're doing ANY Facebook advertising, there's a good chance you're missing incoming comments. I'll show you how to fix it. The half-life of a tweet has fallen dramatically in the last few months. I'll explain how you should change your content strategy as a result. Today, Rogers Media announced proudly it would use Facebook Messenger to handle incoming customer service complaints. I will tell you why this is a NON-story. I'll give you a full walkthrough of the tool we use to manage our clients' Facebook ads — using multivariate sets, we often cut ad rates in half.
Nov. 20, 2015
Facebook drops oCPM, a walk-through of RescueTime (, Facebook's new "At Work" platform, engagement and reach is dropping, and how to prevent getting $8 clicks on social advertising.
Nov. 13, 2015
Nov. 6, 2015
Oct. 30, 2015
— How we got post engagements for less than a penny each on a client's Facebook Page— New data showing how much stronger Facebook is getting at click buys— My special Browser Folder system for keeping up to date on the latest news— The super-helpful tool I use to get information about people I meet with (CharlieApp)— How to get people to tell you how to improve your web site — at no cost to you (Peek from UserTesting)— Twitter's new "Brand Hub" analytics portal— Facebook making it easy to create video slideshows for your brand— Using Tradable Bits' new Personality Quiz to target people's interests better