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Steve Kennard, teaching drivers how to survive the world of modern motoring – imparting wisdom to the next generation of motor technicians.
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July 15, 2011
It’s a car cast today as I ride with Steve back from the Brighton and Hove Breakfast Club – we discuss: Coil springs verses leaf springs The poor conditions of roads in the UK Not having to go back to the main dealer for repairs to your vehicle Wearing of valve seats and how this happens What causes pinking, what [...]
June 3, 2011
As Steve gets back into the throws of work after a bank holiday packed few weeks – we discuss: Growing hops in Steve’s workshop Steve and Andy’s new Bank Holiday regime Peaceful protests and Steve’s annoyance at the council’s welcoming attitude Volkswagen Campers Triumph Stag steering bushes Rovers and head gaskets A VW Beetle with a broken window mechanism A long journey for [...]
Feb. 7, 2011
Steve is thrown into the hot seat as Kathleen is off today – so I chatted to him in his ‘Alan Sugar’ office. We discuss: The idea of using incontinence pads while at the front desk An update on the roof insurance story – insurance claims and how to write letters of complaint The art of complaining The slipping [...]
Dec. 1, 2010
In today’s show Steve communicates the sad news that insurance companies prefer to use innaccurate methods to determine the severity of a weather event resulting in a claim. Andy: Hello everyone I’m with Steve Kennard on a very crisp November morning. Morning Steve. Steve: Yeh. Morning, Andrew. Andy: When I first arrived Steve was on the phone – [...]
Oct. 31, 2010
In today’s show, Steve has become Alan Sugar and showed me his new board room! Also – some great news on a new community venture Steve has piloted – all coming up in Passionate About Cars… Andy: I’m with Steve from 1st Class garage. Today Steve is looking like Alan Sugar because he’s in his manager [...]
Sept. 25, 2010
Today Steve shows me what can happen when an engine seizes up due to lack of maintenance  and then comes up with an interesting solution to unemployment… Photo: RobotSkirts Andy: So here I am at 1st Class Garage. Hello Steve how are you? Steve: Yeh. Fine Andy. Andy: So what’s been happening on the shop floor then? Steve: We’ve had [...]
July 30, 2010
Steve this morning showed me an article about cycle lanes in yesterdays newspaper. In todays show we discuss a Triumph Stag with engine trouble and daft cycle lane planning. Andy: Steve’s rushing around like a blue arse fly this morning and I walked in and he’s got a Triumph Stag on the rack with an over [...]
July 9, 2010
On a beautiful morning in Brighton, I tracked down Steve Kennard on the workshop floor at 1st Class Garage. After discussing a mysterious starter motor issue on a Volkswagen van, I noticed the rear end of an exotic looking Reliant Scimitar – brake cylinder problems. We finished the discussion was a rant from Steve on the [...]
June 18, 2010
In today’s show, Steve rants passionately about ho much he loves Peugeots, some observations of parking in Brighton, and an opinion about public transport and particularly the busses. Andy: So we’re with Steve, this is the third take, I’ve had a bit of a technical problem, a bit of equipment failure here going on with the old [...]
May 7, 2010
Steve talks about engine replacements and the new road widening at Handcross Hill in Sussex, UK. Andy White: Hello Steve, it’s been a couple of months because you’ve been otherwise occupied the last couple of times I’ve come to see you. We’re standing by your big RV. So, you’ve been out in it? Steve Kennard: Yes, we went out [...]
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