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EP119: Republican Snakes in the Grass

This week on SarahTalk... Scarlett Johannson Withdraws From Trans Male Role Maine Legislature Passes Conversion Therapy Ban, Vetoed by Governor Rep. Joseph Kennedy & Sen. Edward Markey File "Gay and Trans Panic Defense Prohibition Act" US House Appropriations Committee Passes Amendment Allowing Religious Objection in Adoption UK Christian Doctor Sacked For Refusing to Use Trans Patient's Pronouns Republican Snakes in the Grass Mike Harris, North Carolina Baptist Pastor Running for Congress Preaches that Women Are Second-Class Citizens Because The Bible Tells Him So Russell Walker, North Carolina House Candidate Says Jews are Satanic, US Soldiers Are Being Poisoned by the Government, and God is a White Supremacist Mike Saari, Racist Christian State Senate Candidate (R) in Michigan Says It's "Normal" For Old Men to be Attracted to 12-Year-Old Girls Because The Bible EU Court Rules: Jehovah's Witnesses Must Comply With New GDPR Record-Keeping Laws A Florida Man Hey! That's My (ex)Lacoochie Bite of Pasketti Red Light Liquor Update From The Blake Family Listen Back to Episode 54 Patreon [fruitful_dbox] Get every show early! Contribute to the show at Patreon; for as little as $1 per episode, you'll get the show before it goes live to the public as well as special Patron-only content - Extended episodes, outtakes, even full complete episodes - for PATRONS ONLY! Want to support us without committing to a recurring charge? You can now make a one-time contribution via PayPal. [/fruitful_dbox]
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