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Jan. 22, 2011
Were schools right for using King Day as a make-up for snow days? How is health insurance the enemy?
Jan. 17, 2011
Gun legislation will have a negative effect. Mark Twain gets censored. Bringing it on in Tuscon.
Jan. 5, 2011
Don't ask don't tell. 7 year-old transvestite. Society doesn't seem to like to think anymore. News, music and more.
Dec. 2, 2010
We've just lost MORE of our freedom to our corrupted government! Word on the street about TSA. Our country is no longer a democracy.
Nov. 15, 2010
Are we sacrificing our freedom for security? Find out! Also: We're loosing our jobs to foreign countries, but now we're spending more of our money on them too!!!
Oct. 9, 2010
One of the horses pulling the cart that's leading America to perdition is the education system. Listen to find out why.
Aug. 28, 2010
News, Talk & Music. Illegal immigration, what happened when the liberals took over. One Nation under God.
Aug. 5, 2010
Obama's hidden agenda. The obvious is brought to light!
July 23, 2010
Join us as Kim Galanti and J-Man discuss life with different types of autism.
July 11, 2010
Obama is trying to give the middle east complete control of our oil.

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