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The 1st rule of Tech Club is... well, that we talk about tech stuff. Specifically, we talk about the intersection of technology and marketing. James "Radio Voice" Swihart is a project manager and certified scrum master, and Dennis "Face for Radio" Junk is a writer and content strategist. Together, they interview experts, tell bad jokes, and have some fun making highly technical stuff sound simple.
TOPICS include: inbound marketing, agile web and software development, cloud, reporting and analytics, intranet and workflow automation, and other random stuff--or go ahead and email us about topics you'd like to know more about at [email protected]
United States
31 episodes
since Mar, 2016


ADA Web Compliance Madness

Interview with Senior Web Developer Jared Haagen on how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to businesses' websites and what they can do to protect themselves from litigation.
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