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Sovryn Tech is an anarchist-run podcast keeping you on the bleeding edge of science, technology, and ethics. You can email the show at: [email protected]
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since May, 2013
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Sovryn Tech Ep. 0286: “Living Past 115"

We don’t know how long humans can live? Does the Theory of Evolution have it all wrong?? And an AMA?! The big stuff…with Ellen and Stephanie! Co-Hosts: Dr. Stephanie Murphy, Ellen Stallone Stories of the Week: --“Risk of Dying Levels Off in Super Old Age: Study” Link: --“Evolution Doesn’t Work Quite the Way They Told You It Does?” Link: --“6 Reasons Why Women Are Hardwired for Leadership” Link: --“Sleep Your Way to the Top” Link: --“AMA” APPENDIX: --“ZenCash” Link: --"Roberts & Roberts Brokerage" Link: --"CryptoCompare" Link: --“Unixstickers” Link: --“Sovryn Tech T-Shirts!” Link: --”Sovryn Tech Solutions” Link: --”Libreboot X200” Link: --"" Link: --"Surveillance Self-Defense" Link: --"That One Privacy Site" Link: --"" Link: --"" Link: --"Secure Messaging Apps" Link: --"Lavabit" Link: --"Obsolete! Magazine" Link: --"A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography" Link: --"" Link: --"TatianaCoin Campaign" Link: --"WinZec Zcash Wallet" Link: --"EFF Guide to the US Border" Link: --"Max Stirner's 'The Unique and Its Property' Book" Link: --"RetroShare" Link: --"PortaPow USB Condom" Link: --“Books of Liberty” Link: --“DongleAuth” Link: --"Dark Android: 2017 Edition" Link: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make easy monthly donations through Patreon: Donate with Crypto! BTC: 1AEiTkWiF8x6yjQbbhoU89vHHMrkzQ7o8d ZenCash Shielded (encrypted) Address: zceDc5yyR5wY5w9ArxhAvLxWz2gpKMESTzC3iwzASong3o4oVgqp1VkZU1eeMUobPW87TStRABqcfN3rPSErFwyFnU8AjJe ZenCash Transparent (unencrypted) Address: znZCyUwzGt19KqhCVzeR5iiUG5CEjNoe1Yp Zcash Shielded (encrypted) Address: zcfUhN29ddFdtZ1iKvv6WFFXUB9nKWwL5kXvcrvhQuB2yMw6eabshv1CGN92kkbtRt1Ykf1k2266sJvZAQQUrhmpuCwXUDD Zcash Transparent (unencrypted) Address: t1ZAA33YYzPmm4Ks5aq13N4NJBjqqSypY8G Donate with PayPal! Link: Donate with our Amazon Wish List! Link: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can e-mail the show at: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also visit our IRC channel on Freenode: #SovNet Or just go to: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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