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June 6, 2018
Mike and Miriam are joined by Matthew Eisner to discuss cryptocurrency and blockchain. Guest: Matthew Eisner Matthew is an expert in building and scaling early stage startups. Matthew has nearly 10 years of experience growing businesses in a variety of capacities and is currently doing advisory work in cryptocurrency and blockchain. You can follow Matt on Twitter @matteisn or visit him at ( Links What is Solidity? Our Guide to the Language of Ethereum Smart Contracts You should follow Foxhole on Twitter: @foxholefm Hosted by @mboyle and @miriamgrabher
June 5, 2018 · transcript
Today on Foxhole, your hosts Mike and Miriam discuss the Apple WWDC 2018 recap. Get the exciting news as well as Mikes input on some of the new features you can expect with iOS 12. iOS 12 - More power to you "Shortcuts" Is Apple’s Solution to Making Siri More Useful
May 24, 2018
On this episode of Foxhole, we help you understand the power Facebook really has and how they build psychological profiles on you as well as how they track you. We also take a look at Snapchats re-design of their latest re-design and the impact of Facebook stealing Snapchats “stories” feature. Snapchat controversial redesign rollout - the re-design of the re-design The left turns up the heat to break up Facebook You should follow Foxhole on Twitter: @foxholefm Hosted by @mboyle and @miriamgrabher
May 17, 2018
Mike & Miriam discuss sports betting and the related federal ban that was over turned as well as Esports scholarships and the future of all sports. On the second half of the show, learn great tips for hiring and on-boarding in a startup or small business, the future of remote hiring and what type of compensation is most appropriate. Supreme Court strikes down federal law prohibiting sports gambling Esports: The New Football Scholarship? Gaming Scholarships For College Grew 480% Last Year Introducing .app, a more secure home for apps on the web California will require solar panels on all new homes. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Basecamp
April 25, 2018
Today on Foxhole, we discuss the epic, season 2 episode 1 premiere of Westworld and what's possible with AI (artificial intelligence). We also discuss Southwest Airlines and their brilliant response to the latest tragedy but why customer service is such an important metric. Southwest giving passengers $5,000 checks on accident flight This robot has completed the impossible Whoever Leads in Artificial Intelligence Will Rule the World 10 Reasons Why Good Customer Service Is Your Most Important Metric You should follow Foxhole on Twitter: @foxholefm Hosted by @mboyle and @miriamgrabher
April 18, 2018
Mike and Miriam talk hot topics - air travel, Tesla, taxes, Stormy Daniels and YouTube. And don't miss the second half of the show, where they give you insight into best practices for successful email marketing - it's easier than you think! Elon Musk: Tesla CEO talks Model 3; he’s “stressed,” but “optimistic” about increase in Model 3 production Southwest emergency landing: 1 killed, engine missing fan blade Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples IRS tax payment system Stormy Daniels and Tom Brady Email marketing website
April 11, 2018
Mike and Miriam discuss the importance of a business or brand having a website, when to have an app, Zuckerberg's congressional testimony, and simple steps to trim down and be healthier. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony on data privacy before Senate committee The Watercooler Data protection and privacy Soylent Drink You should follow Foxhole on Twitter: @foxholefm Hosted by @mboyle and @miriamgrabher
April 4, 2018
Mike and Miriam talk about April Fools, Amazon’s headquarters search, Elon Musk’s hangover, butter coffee and how now is the time to start your business. 319 - YNAB / Intuit Acquisition by You Need A Budget Tim Cook disses Amazon second headquarters search Elon Musk's hangover Always Be Escalating: Trump Ratchets Up Attack on Amazon, Washington Post | Vanity Fair Tesla fatal car crash prompts NTSB investigation Lose It! - Weight Loss That Fits Is Ghee Healthy and How to You Eat It? You should follow Foxhole on Twitter: @foxholefm Hosted by @mboyle and @miriamgrabher
March 27, 2018
Mike and Miriam talk about the Stormy Daniels controversy, gun control marches and technology’s role in driving movements, and how cities should consider subsidizing ride sharing services. Stormy Daniels interview and more PENNSYLVANIA School to arm kids with buckets of rocks as defense against school shooters Highway 99 tunnel in Seattle will open to traffic this fall, the state and contractors say Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee You should follow Foxhole on Twitter: @foxholefm Hosted by @mboyle and @miriamgrabher
March 25, 2018
Mike and Miriam talk about Cambridge Analytica, Third Party Apps, Facebook connect, Privacy, Uber and the first pedestrian death by an autonomous vehicle, YouTube algorithms, Paywalls and the turn in times towards subscriber based business models. Find all your stored data on Facebook How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions You should follow Foxhole on Twitter: @foxholefm Hosted by @mboyle and @miriamgrabher

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