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What makes a good podcast? From the sublime and uplifting to the down right ridiculous we scour cyberpace on your behalf for the most interesting and entertaining podcasts we can find. Join Tom Robinson for the Pick of the Pods where we will also be meeting some of the bright sparks who make the notable podcasts.
United Kingdom
11 episodes
since Feb, 2011


Episode 10 - The Pick of the Pods - The 12 Pods of Christmas

The 12 Pods of Christmas - In the show we cover podcasts about books, music, films, murder, ukuleles and hopefully the true meaning of Christmas. Along the way there’s also some pretty big podcast news with the return of two old friends, and someone celebrating a BILLIONTH DOWNLOAD! So park your family with a bottle of port and some mince pies, take your laptop upstairs, and let us guide your ears through the last bit of 2011.
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