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By Simon Davies

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Dynamite conversations with world class entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders, to give you practical strategies to explode your business
July 6, 2016
So you thought you could raise funding for your start-up or established business... Think again! In today's episode, I speak to business funding expert Susan Banfield to bust the numerous myth around funding and growing our businesses in today's economy. It turns out there's plenty of cash out there and numerous options and strategies open to us to secure it. If you want to get a new business off the ground, or inject fresh capital into your existing business, or may need to in the future, you really need to listen to this week's episode with Susan.
June 22, 2016
There comes a point for many business leaders when they need to delegate the running of a company, either because there are not enough hours in the day for them to do it alone, specific expertise is needed, or they just don’t have the skills to take the business forward alone. How can a business leader best recognise they’re reaching that point? What are the typical signs? Is it ever too late to make the step up and recruit great people. What are the pitfalls and how can we get it right each and every time. Why is ensuring and exact Cultural Match so vital to success? All this and more in this week's episode, which I speak to top talent recruiter, Carole Fossey. For more on Carole, just go to: www.carolefossey.com
June 8, 2016
We are all more capable of much more than we think... Would you agree? However, very often, the lure of success is just not enough. To be truly successful AND hang on to success, we need a little more... Tenacity... Will to Win... Control of the Imposter Syndrome... In this week's episode I talk to Jay Allen, who's overcome extreme setbacks before building and selling a series of highly successful businesses. We look at how every one of us can develop focused tenacity, a razor sharp will to win and harness the Imposter Syndrome we all encounter, to our own advantage. To find out more about Jay, just watch this short video... https://youtu.be/I3u1nKncjKs
May 25, 2016
Are you using the power of video in your business...? If not then you're missing a huge trick, which can help you quickly steal a march on your competition. We all know in today's market place, positioning, engaging and delivering value are all part of the essential marketing and sales mix. The can all be achieved and delivered via the power of video! So, if video is so powerful, why are so many businesses so slow to use it and how can you and I start to embrace and effectively integrate this vital new medium into our businesses? I find out all this and more in this week's episode with video marketing expert, John Lockyear. To find out more about John, go to: www.johnlockyear.co.uk
May 18, 2016
In business connection and relationships are everything, right...? Did you know our relationships and interactions are all dictated by 4 characteristic need, or drivers? To be supremely successful in life and business we need to know, understand and deliver according to which driver our prospect, customer or partner poseses. Are they: 1. Security driven 2. Motivated by significance 3. Thrive on Variety, or 4. Crave Connection In this week's episode, I talk in depth with sales and profiling expert Nicci Bonfanti, on how we can understand these deep human characteristics, to ensure greater and mutual success. To find out more about Nicci, go to: www.trustedsalesdynamics.com  
May 11, 2016
Ever hear the expression 'The Money's in the List'? Never a truer word! So, that being said, if you have no list, a small list or even an unresponsive list, you'll want to list to this week's episode. The trust is, with a well build and nurtured list you'll never want for leads or new business. In this week's episode I speak to expert online marketer and list builder on hwo its down. How can we all build a secure business future, through a highly targeted and nurtured list...
May 4, 2016
Overcome the biggest present challenge to business growth...Attract, engage and retain a world class team!I can't tell you the number of conversations I've had recentlywith business owners, who've told me their biggest challenge tocontinued business growth is being able to attract, engage andretain the best talent available.There are no shortages of opportunity. In fact, there seems tobe an ocean of business available.However, the big challenge is to continually build a team whichcan identify, realise and service the opportunities.So, I'm delighted to bring you this week's episode where Iexplore these challenges with expert Una Doyle-Love and find outhow we can attract, engage and retain great talent to grow ourbusinesses...To find out more about Una, go to:www.creativeflow.tv
April 27, 2016
Why are we all so proud of being busy...? Have you noticed the obsession today with being incessantly busy. Possibly you're a victim of having been bitten by the 'busy bug' yourself? Why do we seem so proud of wearing the busyness badge of honour, when our productivity, achievement and even health are the inevitable prices we pay? In this weeks conversation, I talk with productivity expert Tamara Medina Sapovalova to find out why many of us are driven to act as busy fools, using excess activity to fool ourselves where making progress and how to break this corrosive habit to achieve more, whilst maintaining our selves and our health. To find out more about Tamara, go to: www.sapovalovacoaching.com
April 20, 2016
Ever felt you're actually capable of so much more...?Is your potential going to waste...?Are those around you stepping up to the mark...?In this week's episode, I speak to Empowerment expert Tosin Ogunnusi on has we can all Empower ourselves and each other to bigger and better things.To find out more about Tosin, go to: www.mpowerment.co.uk
April 6, 2016
Maximum Lifetime Customer Value anyone...? Over time, the most effecting and efficient way to increase profits is to maximise the lifetime value of each and every one of our customers and clients. However, the vast majority of businesses focus on just the short term and hwo they can get more and more new people in the front door. Sadly, very few pay adequate attention to the customers they already have and how they can keep them for longer. In this week's episode, I speak to customer service and retention expert Paul Woods, who's meteoric business success can be put down to, above all, making and keeping his customers happy. To hear how he does it and how you can do the same, to significantly increase your business profits, listen to this week's episode. LIMITED AVAILABILITY... If you're a Consultant, Coach, Trainer or Mentor and would like to add at least $150,000 additional income to your business this year, by creating, marketing and delivering your own High Ticket product or service... EMAIL ME TODAY at [email protected] Availability is strictly limited and on a first-come-first-served basis.
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