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Marietta | Sojourn Church - Podcast
By Ernie Wagoner
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Jan. 14, 2018
In this sermon, Ernie discusses the importance of Racial Justice in light of loving our neighbor.
Jan. 7, 2018
In this stand alone message, Ernie shares his vision for Sojourn for 2018.
Dec. 17, 2017
Dec. 4, 2017
During Advent, we are focusing on Jesus as Immanuel, God With Us. In this sermon, Zach looks to John 8 and Jesus claim that, "Before Abraham was, I AM," and explains that Jesus is Fully GOD. Note: We are sorry the recording starts late. For context, Zach was introducing Advent by telling a story about growing up with Advent Calendars in his family.
Nov. 26, 2017
This Sunday, we took a break from our normal rhythm of preaching and asked a few members of Sojourn Church to share stories of their gratitude for Lord's faithfulness. We hope these stories encourage and inspire you.
Nov. 19, 2017
Our third post in our series on gratitude.
Nov. 12, 2017
In our second sermon focusing on Gratitude, Ernie talks about the importance of slowing down in order to enjoy God's gifts and to see God as the source of our joy.
Nov. 7, 2017
As we began our new series on Gratitude, Ernie starts off by preaching on finding contentment for our lives in Christ.
Nov. 1, 2017
Our final sermon in our series focusing on the Lord's prayer.