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Rebel Radio shines a light on cultural pioneers and their influences, reflecting on the roots and future of underground culture. We engage the influencers who define what we wear, watch, listen to, and play with — and how we spend our spare time and loose change — and explore what it means to be a creative entrepreneur today.
Our weekly interview show explores the journeys of those who do it best in all areas of youth culture. We learn how they stay creative in the face of relentless distract and setbacks. How they make something where previously nothing existed, how they find inspiration and influence, as well as how they inspire and influence others, and what it takes to create movements.
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Bosko: Know your audience

This is part two of my interview with Bosko, the super producer and now tech entrepreneur. Check out last week’s episode to hear about his history, our history together, and how he made his way as a young man coming up in hip hop culture. This week he tells us about his new startup,, which is revolutionizing the talk box (if you don’t know what a talk box is, look it up, people) and how he’s made the transition and gotten the support of folks like Teddy Riley, P-Thugg of Chromeo, among others. Check it out and then go buy you an ElectroSpit. If you liked this episode, check out part 1 of our interview with Bosko: Track of the Week:
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