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SPaMCAST 503 - The Knife’s Edge of Change, Muda and People, Communication

SPaMCAST 503 features our essay “Culture: The Knife’s Edge of Change.”  I have often heard the line, culture eats change for breakfast. Culture, culture, culture – the success of every change that is considered or implemented balances on the knife edge of culture. Aligning cultures so that change is possible requires seeing the differences and then minimizing enough of those differences to allow change to happen. We also have an installment of the Alpha and Omega of Product Development with Jon M Quigley.  In this installment of Jon’s wonderful column, we discuss the muda of underutilizing people.    We conclude with a visit with Gene Hughson.  We discuss an entry from his Form Follows Function Blog tilted,  “When asked for the time, don’t explain how your watch works”. Communication between the user and technical domains is fraught with difficulties. A problem? As Gene always says,  “exactly!” Re-Read Saturday News We will complete our re-read of Turn The Ship Around next week with a few final thoughts.  The next book in the series will be The Checklist Manifesto  (use the link and buy a copy so you can read along) by  Atul Gawande. Today we complete re-reading the chapters in  L. David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around!  Chapter 28, 29 and Afterthoughts complete Marquet’s reflection on the leader-leader model and his journey of discovery. Current Installment: Week 18: A New Method of Resupplying and Ripples  - Previous Installments: Week 17: Combat Effectiveness and Homecoming - Week 16:  A Dangerous Passage and Looking Ahead - Week 15: A Remembrance of War and Leadership at Every Level - Week 14: Part IV and Under Way for Deployment - Week 13: Final Preparations - Week 12: Underway for San Diego and All Present and Accounted For - https:/ / Week 11: Mistakes Just Happen and We Learn - Week 10: A New Ship and We Have A Problem - Week 9: Up Scope! and ”A New Ship” - Week 8: Under Way on Nuclear Power and ”I Intend To . . .” – 7: Change, In a Word and Welcome Aboard Sante Fe – Week 6: I Relieve You - Week 5: Call to Action and Whatever they tell me to do! - Week 4: Change of Course and Frustration - Week 3: Pain and Business as Usual - Week 2: Forward and Introduction - Week 1: Game Plan -   Next SPaMCASTSPaMCAST 504 features our interview with Gerie Owen.  Gerie and I discussed continuous testing, DevOps and testing and agile culture! We worked through big ideas that can have a big impact on how you work and deliver value immediately.
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