Final Cut Studio : legacy episodes

Final Cut Studio : legacy episodes
By ...moze...
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The archive of shows now discontinued.
I, along with Uncompressed John and EDL Eric will give insight and techniques on how to better edit and manage HD content.-in use of movies, digital signage, streaming content and media storage solutions.
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Latest episodes
Oct. 9, 2009
I dont know where this will go but i got an email and thought about you all and felt that i needed to try out an idea.
Nov. 26, 2008
Well i dunno i feel dead
Aug. 22, 2008
Aug. 4, 2008
The Debacles of OSX, why some renders are longer than others. FCP server Problems and Phenoms.
July 21, 2008
back from hell and ready to drop bombs. Final Cut Server, Xserve & other nonsense.