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CCF Sunday Messages
By Steve Feden
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Sunday messages from Calvary Chapel Fluvanna
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Jan. 15, 2018
This next section in Romans chapter 7 is for every Christian that feels liken they are failing to be a "good Christian". Is your experience unique? Is there something wrong with you? You are coming to church and learning about God and agreeing with truth and trying really hard to do better. But you just keep falling back into old patterns and making the same mistakes. Paul’s experience is so familiar and highlights the "double nature" of people! Yes, God’s people. By the end of this section, Paul is forced to admit failure and cry out for help. He is torn by the inner conflict of wanting to please God and to please self. He is face to face with the monster of sin and law has failed to tame it. What next? How do we get free from sin? Listen in as Pastor Steve finishes out this important section of Romans. And then come back because the crescendo of Paul's message is coming as we move into chapter 8!
Jan. 7, 2018
Romans chapter 7 is all about the law.  Verses 1 through 6 actually follows up from chapter 6, verse 15, with another “Don’t you know….”. Paul now calls on marriage as an illustration to prove his next point.  Have you ever seen how powerful love can be?  I have seen people quit smoking, change hobbies, stay up all hours of the night, and do other crazy things for love, or for the one they love and want to please.   What does that have to do with Romans 7?  Listen in as we cover some of the most important truths in the whole Bible. It may just change your life.
Dec. 31, 2017
Wisdom may be the world's greatest need and yet is probably the only thing one cannot order on Amazon! An Amazon search reveals that out of 184,000 results, the best we can do is a best-selling book by Oprah which details "life-changing" conversations with various "spiritual people". Trust me, there is nothing meaningful these experts say that has not already been said in the Bible! If Solomon is right, and wisdom if the principal thing, and other non-biblical sources agree with him even saying that "practical wisdom is the key to happiness” (Barry Schwartz - TED Talk), then we should figure out where to get it and how to know if we have it. Enter James, the half-brother of Jesus who wrote a nuts and bolts letter to the church. This guy means business and has no time for talk; he is all about action! In chapter 3 he challenges his readers to show they are wise and gives a test to know if you are using earthly or heavenly wisdom.
Dec. 17, 2017
Have you ever felt like your life is out of control? Have you ever felt the frustration of doing something even though you really don’t want to do it? As we step into the second half of Romans chapter 6, Paul deals with control issues. You will no doubt determine to control yourself in the “dessert department” over the holidays. But then there will be yummy desserts and you will feel compelled to eat them against your will! But what about when these conflicts are emotional, moral, or spiritual? Come and hear some super-duper “not so secret” insight from God about control and conflict, folly and freedom in the passage from Romans 6!
Dec. 10, 2017
Sunday messages from Calvary Chapel Fluvanna
Dec. 3, 2017
Sunday messages from Calvary Chapel Fluvanna
Nov. 26, 2017
Starting chapter five of Romans, Paul has laid out the "case for faith"--that we are justified by faith alone in Jesus Christ, and because of that, he now lays out the beautiful story of grace in this first section of chapter five. Listen in as Pastor Steve unpacks this powerful and important section of scripture!
Nov. 19, 2017
Sunday messages from Calvary Chapel Fluvanna
Nov. 12, 2017
Our youth pastor, Dave Blaha, continues our study in Romans this week. In this first section of chapter four, Paul lays out a powerful argument for salvation through faith alone using both the super-patriarch Abraham as well as King David. These arguments were necessary to help the Jews see that faith and righteousness were "accounted" before the following of the law, and that this same faith in Jesus is available to us today without any ability to work for our salvation. Pastor Dave clearly showed the freedom and peace that comes from knowing that it is not based on our righteousness, but His!
Nov. 6, 2017
The first three chapters of Romans have led us to this crescendo--there is no one righteous before God: not the religious person, not the atheist; no one! The reason Paul led us to that point is to reveal the beauty of the gospel: it is by faith in Jesus we are rescued from this divide between our sin and a holy God! And by nothing else and no one else can we be saved. Only this grace can save us. Listen in as Pastor Steve takes us through the end of Romans chapter three with this good news!