Dads In Development

By David Hemphill & Andrew Del Prete

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A podcast about dads and geeky stuff
March 25, 2018
Andrew and David discuss how being fathers reflect on their professions, childhood cartoons, Apollo + GraphQL, and PushSilver SPA True and the Rainbow Kingdom Andrew's Apollo + GraphQL egghead videos Apollo ReasonML PushSilver Anthony Terrell
Feb. 24, 2018
Andrew and David talk about new opportunities, losing old friends, iframes, lots of testing, and Street Fighter... Oh and ridiculously large boars and dad jokes. Large Boar Erik Aybar - Kent C. Dodds - Murphy Randle - Andrew Del Prete - 🎉 Enzyme Jest Fightcade
Jan. 19, 2018
Andrew and David go back in time to a day where clack clack keyboards and Game Boys were life. Masterkeys PRO S Keyboard WASD Keyboards Signature Plastics Christmas Extravaganza Podcast Game Boy Hurts Donuts Firebase GraphQL Docker CSS Grid Course mobx-state-tree Killer Instinct
Dec. 13, 2017
Andrew Del Prete, David Hemphill, and TJ Miller join Michael and Jake for their second annual Christmas crossover podcast. We talk about things we learned, best memories, favourite books and movies of 2017 and what we're looking forward to in 2018, as well as play a little Christmas trivia. Show Links Firefox Quantum Vue.js devtools for Firefox Trolls Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood Moana Wonder Woman The Expanse) Logan Blade Runner 2049 Baby Driver Kingsman: The Golden Circle Alien: Covenant Thor: Ragnarok Spiderman: Homecoming Deep Work Rework Arrival The Fountain The 7 habits of highly effective people The Wool Trilogy Beacon 23 Web Performance Basics #FiveMinDev (Async/Await, JavaScript Promises courses) PushSilver Vessel - Docker dev environment for Laravel Laradock - Docker PHP development environment Die Hard Jingle All the Way Arnold's Pizza Shop Elf Earnest Saves Christmas National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Birthday problem JS Remote Conf 2017 Laracon AU
Nov. 23, 2017
Andrew and David talk about being grateful in a world full of turmoil, toilet geysers, Thanksgiving dad jokes, and getting started with React. create-react-app React via CDN Philippians 4:6-7 Jacob Bennett
Nov. 6, 2017
Andrew and David talk STEM games, the recent launch of Tailwind CSS, and Hacktoberfest. Thinkfun Smart Games Khan Academy Osmo Sing - Movie 2XL Talk Boy Tailwind CSS Hacktoberfest
Oct. 22, 2017
Andrew talks the birds and bees with his oldest son, Engineering Retreat, and recent launch of his Promises and Async series. David talks going primitive with Laravel and Vue. Film and Music Conference Film and Music Conference iOS App Film and Music Conference Android App Expo React Native for Web #FiveMinDev - Promises and Async / Await Product Hunt - #FiveMinDev ContestKit
Sept. 1, 2017
Andrew tells his tale about how he shot a Halibut and David talks PostCSS and Beard V3. Also, more on the notification hiatus. Big Fish! Grizzly - Movie #FiveMinDev - Upcoming video series on JS Promises PostCSS PostCSS - VirtHorz PostCSS - FakeId BeardCSS TailwindCSS Moment
Aug. 23, 2017
Andrew and David catch up on life and reflect on the importance of setting priorities and disconnecting from our devices. Dinotrux Nokia - 105 Turn off your push notifications. All of them. Halibut!
July 17, 2017
Andrew and David talk about David's recent return to the Octagon, Andrew's Half Marathon, the latest launch of PushSilver, secret React Native projects, and dealing with burnout. David's Fight Skagway Marathon PushSilver Create React Native App Expo iTunes - Leave a review!

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