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So many horror movies, so little time. Let the guys of Saw Something Scary be your guides on the quest to find a real scare.
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May 18, 2018
We're continuing our march through The Conjuring film franchise.  We're at our second stop this week, 2014's Annabelle.  There's a good movie in here somewhere... maybe?  And then there is a lot of trouble too. Want to talk about it?  Hit that download button, press play, and let's find out if those who watch Annabelle will come away saying they Saw Something Scary!
May 10, 2018
Five years seems like the right amount of time to check back in with a movie that landed simultaneously as a throw-back and a fresh new take on the Horror genre. With this episode Saw Something Scary is launching a retrospective on The Conjuring as a franchise and that begins with the 2013 film that launched the Conjuring Universe. Annabelle.  Enfield.  The Nun.  The Crooked Man. All of it starts here. So hit that download button, press play, and let's get into a movie worth revisiting.
May 3, 2018
You guys, it is finally here: the Saw Something Scary guys get to talk about A Quiet Place. You've seen it, right? Then surely you've got thoughts on the movie that you want to process too.  In this episode Derik and Jeff are going to jump into that conversation with you. No spoilers at all but this definitely the kind of movie worth getting extra attention so let's do some of that work in this episode of Saw Something Scary! And when we're done let's keep the conversation going - on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Messenger Pigeon - whatever method is useful.  So hit download, press the play button, and let's get going!
April 17, 2018
"Don't ever invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy. It renders you powerless." Wise words from a dark, dark person.  We're taking a walk out onto the ol' railroad trestle to drop in on Michael, David, Sam, and the Frog Brothers.  That's right Laddie, we're reviewing Joel Shumacker's peak-80's horror-comedy Lost Boys. You'll get all the top quality podcast you've come to expect from Saw Something Scary.  What are you waiting for?  Hit that download button and press play... the Boys are waiting.
April 10, 2018
Derik Zoo is in N'awlins with a bad case of Mania so Jeff called in Christie Wright, an avowed Horror agnostic with a sharp mind for stories, for a very special episode. Since this special episode it calls for special treatment so our regular Jeff Hates Trailers got switched up and so did The Horror Reporter.  Nonetheless, in this episode Jeff and Christie review upcoming horror movie trailers, rank M. Night Shyamalan's post-Sixth Sense filmography, and take a trip into the world of The Visit! Hit download, press play, and let's jump in this Saw Something Scary special episode!
April 5, 2018
#ScreamMonth... er... #ScreamSixWeeks comes to an end with the fourth and likely final Scream film, 2011's Scre4m.On the way you'll get Jeff Hates Trailers, The Horror Reporter, and a bonus (and deservedly brief) comment on the MTV Scream series.So hit that download button, press play, and let's get going on the latest from Saw Something Scary!
March 29, 2018
The Triple S Pod is back, baby! Sure, sickness can knock us off our horses but guess what? We're back in the saddle and #ScreamMonth rolls on! This week we're looking at 2000's Scream 3, the clone-of-a-clone... erm... "quality" film that made the Scream franchise [briefly] a trilogy.  There's a lot to criticize in this one, very little to praise, and one very interesting point you won't want to miss (near the 37:44) mark). So hit that download button, press play, and let's find out if there's anything scary about Scream 3 (beyond the production itself).
March 15, 2018
#ScreamMonth rolls on (even if slightly delayed) here on Saw Something Scary!  This time we're picking up with the sequel - full not only of the same kind of self-aware commentary that made the first such a surprise hit but even some additional wink-and-nod commentary. Does it work as a film?  Does it work as a time capsule?  Does it work as a scary movie? Hit that download button, press play, and find out in the latest episode of Saw Something Scary!
March 6, 2018
March 2018 is Scream Month on the Saw Something Scary Podcast!That's right - we're going back to the quintessential 90's horror slasher movie, the mother to A New Nightmare's father of meta-horror, 1996's Scream.On the way we'll talk about the [insert adjective] shenanigans with The Shape of Water and Get Out at the 2018 Academy Awards after a little Jeff Hates Trailers.Hit that download button, press play, and let's go see Sidney, Gale, and Deputy Dewey!
Feb. 27, 2018
It isn't even March and yet 2018 already has its surprise horror-hit, Norse-wilderness dreadfest The Ritual. This film is garnering lots of praise for putting a fresh coat of paint on several well-know horror tropes but without feeling regurgitated.  But you want to know if it is scary. So hit download, press play, and head out into the woods of The Ritual with the guys from Saw Something Scary and find out!

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