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The Digital Tools To Grow Podcast focuses on making your life easier through technology's best tools.Hosted by Drew Bedard, the podcast will chronicle digital tools that enhance business operations to make you faster, more profitable and more than anything, happier.Show notes and more can be found at ->
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May 12, 2016 · transcript
Hey everyone,Simple post this week where I will show you how to create a Snapchat “Community” Filter and save yourself some big bucks in the process.Snapchat is a social medium on the rise with over 100 Million users and growing (as of early May 2016).With the rise in popularity comes the rise of their number one asset, the Snapchat filter.Go to for more!
Nov. 30, 2015
9 Tools I am thankful for this Thanksgiving - 2015Solo show this week.  Let me know if you like these types of episodes by hitting me up on Twitter - @DrewBedard1. Grum.coAutomation for Instagram2. ProductHunt.comThe holy grail of new and useful tech tools3. Quuu.coHandcrafted content for your social media channels.  Connects to Buffer4. Notifier by ContentMarketer.ioNotify the people in your blog post, via twitter, that you mentioned them.  GROW Your authority.5. Canva.comGraphic design for the rest of us.  My go to graphic program for everyday jobs.6. Betterment (Click on this link to get no-fees for 30 days - a penny saved is a penny earned)My chosen robo-investing platform.  Great support, super low fees and more.  Don’t waste another second with just any financial planner.  Take control of your financials future.Honorable mention: Tony Robbins’ book MONEY: Master the Game7. MailChimp.comThe best starter email service provider out there.  Get started for free today.  BUILD YOUR LIST.8. (Click this link to try Evernote Premium for free)My digital brain.  The best note taking service ever invented.9. (Click on this link for a FREE $5 GIG to try it out)$5 (or a little more) to take some of those cumbersome tasks off your hands.  Check it out.Have a great week!
Nov. 20, 2015
In this episode I was glad to be joined by my mates from across the pond to talk about their start-up, a site for curated content to patch into your Social Media feeds like Buffer and Twitter.Notes from the show:Matthew started a poker PR firm that was very successful and then he met Dan Kempe, who was his go to freelance designer and from their they came up with the idea for Quuu based on a pain point in Buffer's suggestionsThey developed quickly with the help of MubsGet started in a just a few minutesFree account you can choose 5 sections of content to automatically curate into your Twitter streamBe selective, choose the right pieces of content for your audienceThey hand code the content with hashtags and @ tags on Twitter - Love this!2 For the Road:Matthew:Slack - For project management and team collaborationIntercom - Customer and team communicationDan:Intercom as wellWebflow
Nov. 12, 2015
InspireBeats is a digital platform built as a Targeted And Qualified All in one Lead Generation Solution for Your Business.Chief Marketing Sumo Alex Berman Joined us this week to talk all things InspireBeats including the mission, what the brand does to get DEEP leads for their customers and how they do it at a very modest monthly cost.Notes from the show:Alex likes to troll Noah Kagan with his title Chief Marketing SumoThe mission of the brand is to give their clients not only deep leads but the mechanism to reach out to those cold leads in an effective wayAverage cost of a lead through their system is roughly $3.00 per lead which is pretty low by industry standards2 for the road - 2 Tools Alex loves:Google Drive - really all of the Google suite and we "fan boy" that system for a minute or - "Simply, beautiful scheduling" is their tagline. Great solution for managing appoints on multiple Google Calendars
May 18, 2015
On this episode, I welcome the delightful Poppie Pack, Sr. Designer from have great discussion what she does, the mission of Canva, Guy Kawasaki's role at Canva, how it helps me and so much more.Again, the URL where you can check out this amazing digital tool is:Canva.comFor show notes and more, visit
May 11, 2015
This week we go through my favorite tools.I give you 8 of my favorite.  For all 12 featured in the FREE PDF, "My Digital ToolKit" and notes from the show go to digitaltoolstogrow.comThanks for listening!!
May 4, 2015
This week we welcome Stef Miller from who talks through how valuable having REAL people test your web products to get REAL feedback.For a free test of go to peek.usertesting.comFor show notes and a free download of my Digital Toolkit, go to http://www.DigitalToolsToGrow.comShow is sponsored by bluehost, get yourself a free domain and awesome hosting for a low monthy fee - CLICK HEREPlease rate, review and subscribe to the Podcast, we would greatly appreciate it.
April 26, 2015
Episode 2 features's Nathan Ellering.CoSchedule is an amazing Content Editorial Calendar in addition to many more amazing tools and one of the best blogs I have read and shared.I hope you enjoy the interview and for show notes and more, visit digitaltoolstogrow.com________________________Our sponsor for Episode 2 is BluehostBluehost is the THE BEST AND EASIEST web hosting service out there.  Get started today and get unlimited hosting, a FREE domain and more. CLICK HERE or visit
April 22, 2015
Episode 1 features CEO Michael Cheng, a great guy with an amazing is a tool that helps you curate and share links over social media in a whole new way.I hope you enjoy the interview and for show notes and more, visit digitaltoolstogrow.com________________________Our sponsor for Episode 1 is BluehostBluehost is the THE BEST AND EASIEST web hosting service out there.  Get started today and get unlimited hosting, a FREE domain and more. CLICK HERE or visit
April 21, 2015
This episode is my introduction to you.  Who I am, where I am have come from and what the mission for this podcast is.  All show notes for episodes will be housed at  Thanks for listening!

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