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A satirical podcast about crowdsourced inventions. Tune in to hear Garth and Alex discuss a new product every Sunday.
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Oct. 2, 2017
We're back! Season 3 starts with the Right Cup, an invention that uses smell to trick your brain into thinking water is actually tasty juice. Listen to our first ever product unboxing and in-studio taste test. Also, grapes! Find out more about this product here: Note: We're sorry that the first half of our recording was a little glitchy. Yay.
April 9, 2017
In this episode Garth and Alex are flummoxed by the Eye, an iPhone case that lets you run Android "on" your iPhone. Find out more about this product here:
April 2, 2017
Today we go prospecting and find out if there's gold in them thar hills with a space age gold pan that anyone can use. Find out more about this product here:
March 20, 2017
Today it's Alex that brings the invention to the gang and it's a cool multi-purpose blending, charging, rolling cooler ready for the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle of your dreams. Find out more about this product here:
March 8, 2017
Today Garth brings a slash, theft, scanning proof bag (or sack) by Loctote. Find out more about this product here:
Feb. 20, 2017
Today we talk about a survival belt with no holes but a buckle that has a blade in it. We also welcome our guest host Eliot.
Feb. 6, 2017
In this episode we look at the Invidyo the smart smile-detecting baby monitor. You can find more about this product on its Kickstarter page:
Jan. 30, 2017
In this very special episode we revisit the Laybag— because Garth got one.
Jan. 23, 2017
Today, Garth brings us Caia, a "robot that fills your home with sunshine". Find more about this invention here:
Jan. 17, 2017
We're back! A new year, a new studio, a new season. This week Garth brings us the Modobag: a suitcase you can ride. Find more about this product here:
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