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Sound + Process deconstructs new electronic and experimental works through conversations with their composers. These artists all belong to the online community lines (, the forum of grid instrument and eurorack module maker monome (
United States
13 episodes
since Mar, 2016
explicit content


Meng Qi: Sound + Process # 13 (+ live performance)

· transcript
Sound + Process # 13 features musician, designer, programmer and teacher Meng Qi. A pioneering interface theorist, Meng Qi is perhaps best known for opening new dimensions of control and interaction with Peter Blasser’s Ciat-Lonbarde circuits. His earliest module, Voltage Memory, is the first synth module to have ever been both designed and manufactured in China. Over the years, Meng Qi has released a wide spectrum of music with these and other instruments. His experiments with feedback and frequency modulation are only enhanced by explorations of tonality — the resulting songs are uniquely beautiful in both timbre and emotion. Since Meng Qi’s audiences span many countries and languages, I’ve chosen to present his episode in two different formats — one is a transcript annotated with audio at and the other is a standalone album with a downloadable document on Visit one, visit both, but as always feel free to join the conversation on lines — Before we part ways, this track ends with a short live performance that Meng Qi treated me to during our conversation. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for listening.
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