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The #Get2A podcast series focuses on issues and advice relevant to startup founders who are preparing to raise their Series A round of funding. Metrics, scaling, partnerships, growth hacking, and brand building. These are just a few of the topics we have already covered, and there is much more to come!
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Dreamit #Get2A Podcast

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Oct. 24, 2017 · transcript
A discussion with Chris Mayer, Chief Innovation Officer at Suffolk Construction, and Camille Renshaw, CEO of RenshawCo, about investing in real estate and construction.
Oct. 5, 2017
There are now about 50 million rental homes in the U.S. with 100 million tenants. And this does not even include commercial spaces. The gatekeepers of this huge market are property managers, notoriously busy people who often manage dozens of properties, all with different needs and requirements. Property management still lags behind other industries in terms of innovation, but managers increasingly see tech products as a way to differentiate their spaces and to save money. This webinar is focused on how to sell to property managers. - How property managers find and adopt tech products - Trends in the market and the biggest pain points for property managers now - How to successfully pitch a pilot to a property manager - What kind of data are property managers looking for from startups
Sept. 29, 2017
Cities represent a massive untapped market for startups. But many founders see government sales as a risky strategy. In this webinar, we will demystify the B2G sales process and help startup founders chart a successful strategy for B2G sales. We aim to cover topics such as: - Creating accurate buyer personas (how to sell to both the end user and the person making procurement decisions) - Effective means of getting in touch and staying connected to purchasers - How to effectively position your startup and create a compelling product demo - How to stay connected during the lengthy procurement process
June 20, 2017
Handling and manipulating patient information is critical for health tech startups, but, in dealing with patient medical information, known as protected health information (PHI), startups must be well-versed in how to remain compliant. In this webinar discussion, we will break down the various components of HIPAA, including the privacy rule, the security rule, and the breach notification rule. We will also discuss what HIPAA applies to, the consequences startups can face when health information is wrongfully disclosed, and other issues startups commonly face. Our panel includes experts on the issue such as Balaji Gopalan, CEO of MedStack; Erik Pupo, Managing Director, North America at Accenture; Lauren Rieben, Director of Privacy at Independence Blue Cross; and Abner Weintraub, Founder of ExpertHIPAA.com. Join us to better understand how HIPAA and other federal, state and international privacy regulations affect your business.
May 27, 2017
Driving sales to the win column requires more than a CRM SaaS platform. In healthcare B2B sales, the points of sale are more like a scatterplot of sales, consisting of a team of buyers, users, and other principals. These various stakeholders must come to an agreement that your solution can show results and fits nicely into the organization’s workflow. How to you create an efficient process for advancing sales opportunities from awareness to single advocacy to group buy-in to opportunity close. We’ll lay out how these founders turned their sales prospects into actual customers. PANELISTS: Ravat Bhutani, Sr. Management Consultant at Market Edge Nick Culbertson, Founder of Protenus Kevin Keenahan , Founder of Tissue Analytics Gregor Hoffman, Founder of Genoa Telepsychiatry
April 26, 2017
It has never been a better time to be a startup trying to leave a mark on the healthcare space, but sales remains a major challenge. Founders must deal with limited budgets, a web of various stakeholders, interoperability issues, and regulation. And this does not even take into account the clinical trials healthcare founders must complete to provide evidence-based solutions when pitching healthcare customers. Many startups are under-capitalized to sustain the wickedly long sales cycles in healthcare. We'll be discussing some hacks and tools that can take the edge off of the process and give founders a fighting chance to sell to health enterprise companies. This podcast dives into… -Developing a solution centric sales approach -Account management issues specific to healthcare -Ways to shorten the sales cycle
April 12, 2017
"I'll just get a CPT code." Good luck with that! What does it really take for a payer to reimburse providers for your product? What is the reimbursement decision process that payers use to decide whether to cover a new technology? Coverage, coding, and payment are the three pillars of a reimbursement strategy, and this webinar will cover each of these topics so founders can develop a strategic plan early in the product development process to ensure a positive coverage and reimbursement outcome. Hospitals and physicians may love your startup, but public and private payers reimburse, so they set the rules. Startup founders will learn… How to create a reimbursement strategy How to use clinical trials to support coverage decisions How the CMS coverage process differs from the way private payers reimburse Panelists: Meghan Fotopoulos | Accenture | Managing Director | @accenture Sidonia Swarm | Real Dietician | Founder | @sidoniarose Daniel Brown | IBX | Director, Provider Reimbursement | @IBX Moderated by Moe Rinkunas of Dreamit Ventures
April 4, 2017
As the overall healthcare landscape moves away from more traditional fee for service models, startups must also adapt their pricing models to better align with changing perceptions of value in the market and how providers and insurers will be willing to purchase their solutions. This podcast discusses the pros and cons of standard reimbursement, risk-sharing, and patient pay models. What has worked, and what has not worked? How can a startup find the right pricing and reimbursement strategy in order to achieve maximum profitability? Panelists: Eric Steager | Director of Innovation at IBX | @IBX Kyle Robertson | Founder of NarrativeDX | @NarrativeDx Victor Abiad | Senior Principal in Health Strategy at Accenture | @accenturehealth
March 28, 2017
This webinar panel brings together executives from some of the most forward thinking payers and providers to discuss the complex ways that various stakeholders in the healthcare value chain interact with each other. The goal of this webinar is to understand and explain what drives purchasing decisions at payers and providers. How do startups best meet the needs of their customers by adapting to the financial drivers that guide how healthcare decisions are made? Panelists: Shivan Mehta MD | Associate Chief Innovation Officer at Penn Medicine Todd Dunn | Chief Innovation Officer at Intermountain Aidan Petri | Chief Innovation Officer at Ximedica Steve Barsh | Chief Innovation Officer at Dreamit
Dec. 15, 2016
Updating your investors is important for a variety of reasons. Investors can be early users of your product or put you in touch with enterprise clients in their network. They also have a large incentive to see you succeed and will be brutally honest with their feedback. Keeping them updated and interested in your startup is crucial, especially if you are planning to raise future rounds of funding. This panel will provide strategies for giving investors the information they need to help your startup. Panelists: Matt Loper, Wellth Amrit Richmond, CMYK Ventures Mike Preuss, Visible.VC Some topics covered include... What should you include in investor updates? How do you break bad news? How long should investor updates be? Should you have direct asks in your updates? How do you manage investor communications without it becoming a time suck? How often should you write to investors?
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