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Running Through Walls is a Venrock podcast featuring candid conversations between investors and entrepreneurs. Each episode, we offer a behind-the-scenes look at the breakthroughs, challenges and nuttiness associated with building and growing companies. Venture capital firm Venrock has been investing in entrepreneurs across technology and healthcare since 1969.
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April 18, 2018
Maria Eitel, founder and co-chair of the Nike Foundation, joins Venrock’s Bryan Roberts to discuss the Time’s Up movement and recent cultural shifts in the workplace. Maria shares her journey from working in the White House to founding The Girl Effect, and the simple formula girls need to be successful. She also discusses the importance of creating shared spaces where men are involved in the conversation.
April 4, 2018
Venrock partner Brian Ascher speaks with Randy Womack, a seasoned executive who has served as both COO and CEO in several companies, including his current role as co-founder and CEO at They discuss the “Sheryl” effect, what to look for when hiring a COO, and when is the best time to introduce the COO role into a company. As CEO at, he shares the difference between the two roles and discusses common misconceptions about what a COO really does.
March 21, 2018
Jessica Lessin, founder and editor-in-chief of The Information, joins her college roommate, Venrock’s Racquel Bracken, to discuss the evolution of journalism and how she created one of the most successful subscription news sites in Silicon Valley. Jessica shares her journey from the middle school newspaper all the way to the Wall Street Journal and breaking out on her own to start the Information. She also shares her views on journalism's role in the #metoo movement. 
March 7, 2018
Part two of the discussion between former Netflix Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord and Venrock’s Tom Willerer focuses on Patty’s time at Netflix, where she created an acclaimed culture and learned how to encourage collaboration amongst colleagues. She and Tom also discuss the myths surrounding startup culture and why being on time was so important at Netflix.
Feb. 20, 2018
In the first part of her conversation with Venrock’s Tom Willerer, former Netflix Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord shares her experiences at Netflix and how she helped build a culture that startups and large corporations continue to emulate. Elaborating on the concepts mentioned in her book, Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility, Patty discusses what it takes to develop trust in the workplace and why being “nice” isn’t always the best approach for delivering constructive feedback.
Feb. 7, 2018
John Katzman, CEO and founder of the Noodle Companies, joins David Pakman to discuss the evolution of edtech. He shares what he learned from his time as founder and CEO of The Princeton Review, including hard lessons he learned as a first-time CEO. John shares with David the two values that all successful entrepreneurs must hold sacred, and why his focus on metrics has become a worthwhile obsession.
Jan. 23, 2018
Ben Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Amino, joins Venrock’s David Pakman to discuss how Amino brings people together to share their passions. Amino is a mobile app where users join communities based on their interests, whether it’s Game of Thrones, robotics or modern art (to name a few). Unlike most gathering places on the Internet, Amino is rare in that it’s a positive place, almost always free of trolls. Being a first-time CEO, Ben tells David about the nuances of managing millennials and the importance of creating a constant stream of positive reinforcement. Ben shares how hustle, willpower, and perseverance have helped his team create one of the most highly rated apps in the App Store today.
Jan. 9, 2018
Chris Chen, CEO of ChenMed, joins Venrock’s Bryan Roberts to discuss the challenges and successes of providing healthcare to the population that needs it most – the poor, the old, and the sick. Chris’s father, James Chen, founded ChenMed as a way of providing concierge-style healthcare to low- and moderate-income seniors. When his father faced a health scare, Chris spent 24 hours learning how to run the business. After his father recovered and Chris completed his fellowship, they expanded ChenMed to 42 medical centers and significantly decreased hospitalization rates of their patients. With cardiovascular, oncological, and orthopedic diseases plaguing his patient population, Chris emphasizes the importance of holistic healthcare practices and collaborating with doctors who understand the economics of healthcare. Although wanting to cure the world may be his kryptonite, Chris shares how staying focused allows him to help those who need it the most.
Dec. 13, 2017
Noah Lang, CEO and co-founder of Stride Health, joins Venrock’s Bob Kocher to discuss the changing nature of work, and how his company is helping independent workers successfully create a “business of one.” Lang recalls his childhood love of building and creating, and how it led him to study product design at Stanford and later launch Stride Health. Stride Health delivers a toolkit that helps independent workers find healthcare coverage and other benefits that workers outside of traditional 9-5 jobs do not typically receive. This shift towards independent employment has fueled Lang’s passion for helping these workers keep more of what they earn and thrive in their businesses. Lang also shares how running and guidance from his coach have helped him continue to improve as a first-time CEO.
Dec. 6, 2017
Chris Lochhead, a three-time Silicon Valley CMO, co-author of Play Bigger, and former entrepreneur, joins Brian Ascher of Venrock to discuss the importance of category design and marketing on this week’s episode of Running Through Walls. From having a provocative point of view to not accepting the status quo, Chris outlines what every business needs to do to become a category king. He discusses the right time to think about category design, whose job it is, and why concentrated campaigns called “Lightning Strikes” will grab the attention of consumers more effectively than traditional marketing.

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