AM Presents: PvP Podcast

AM Presents: PvP Podcast
By Evan Of Artificial Media
About this podcast
Join our host and Triumvirate Guild Leader Evan and his co-commentator and officer Grimm from the guild Artificial Draconians, in exciting Player versus Player Commentary. We join alliance battles, observe Guild Ladder Matches, and participate in other PvP matches. We keep score of points and shrine captures, as well as discuss trends in builds being used in all PvP types as well as trends in strategies and tactics used by PvP teams. People can call in and discuss their thoughts on the battles. We will cover 3-5 matches or more (time depending) per podcast. Each podcast will be 45- 60 minutes long. Enjoy!
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Latest episodes
Jan. 9, 2008
Our hero and host Evan has gotten his big BREAK! I am now associated with, and i'm now doing full blown podcasts on GUILD WARS! head on over to and check me out!
Aug. 7, 2007
In this episode, our host Evan and co-commentator Grimm observe a ranked GvG Ladder Match between the #1 guild in the world Virtual Dragons [vD] and the #19 ranked guild Frozen Agony. ExcIting play-by-plays, skill and build discussion, and a look at the [vD] skill charts that won them the July GvG Championship in the $100,000 series.
Aug. 5, 2007
This is the debut episode of the PvP podcast. Join host Evan and co-commentator Grimm as they take on some AB battles both in batte and through discussion.