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Noah del Rosario: The Multi-Faceted Art of Filmmaking & Its Potent Capacity to Change The World

This episode takes place smack in the middle of the hustle & bustle of the South with two oldtime friends meeting again to share yet again another honest conversations after months of being apart. Noah is still the same living library with one story to tell after another while our founder/creative director Chiara is as amused with him as ever. As a storyteller, artist & filmmaker, Noah is well-loved and respected wherever his work takes him. We gotta say, we’re one of the first few fans of his films back in college and proud! That was way before his other films were recognized by many others – his latest short “Bugtaw” for example was one of the finalists for Cinemalaya last 2016 and if you’ve had the privilege to view it yourself, we’re positive you’d agree that his films are one of the greatest proofs that our local creatives are on fire. This guy is unbelievable, but it isn’t his multi-talents that had us rooting for him from the get-go – it’s his heart to use storytelling as a medium for God’s goodness to reach many. For our very last episode, Noah shares about the typical post-graduation struggles and the rest of the time expounds about the beginnings of his love for storytelling. He brought us to take a look behind the big screen and witness all the people coming from different creative fields working together to make one piece of magic. For aspiring filmmakers & storytellers, better keep yourself snug cause this guy will give you the best insider tips to get you started. Wow – we can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye for now. You guys have sat through so many conversations with us, each one different and beautiful in their own way. But it’s time to move forward and make way for new things. We’ll constantly be sharing online so keep in touch, okay? But for now, enjoy our very last Frankly gift to you ♡ Find Noah Elsewhere  Youtube | Vimeo Get to know Frankly Radio some more over here & subscribe to Frankly Radio on iTunes Favorite parts: 04:06 – Noah shares about life after graduating from college and his thoughts on everyone having their own clock 07:06 – He shares about his experience working in Pabrika and how he is appreciating the art of making commercials 11:04 – Noah brings us back to the beginnings of his love for storytelling and his journey…


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