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Ever get fed up of all those podcasts that cover American tech news. Yeah us too, so we started Eurotech. Two Englishmen and an Frenchie discuss the weeks news, hardware, software and more.
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Aug. 28, 2016
I, I think we are back! The only problem is Lucien is hosting and he can do whatever he likes. Tech is now coming thick and fast, so we take out ususal tour through the weeks news that matter to us. You will also find out what Lucien is looking for on Gear best, James deep hatred of a certain Japaneese game franchise and why Greg is so tired. Instagram copying The Honor 8 Duo voice calling Will have voice calling soon
July 12, 2016
For this week show we were joined by the one and only Michael Fisher aka Mr Mobile. You might know Michael for his awesome review videos for Pocketnow as Captain 2 Phones. Or you may simply know him by his distinctive voice, but if you don’t know who he is, what have you been doing?
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